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Edmonton Christian High School
Class Of 1979

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Edmonton Christian High

Class of 1979



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We're having our 40th Reunion on

Saturday, Sept 14th, 2019

The "40th Year Reunion Registration" link on the LEFT

is now LIVE





Most certainly many former students, no matter what high school they attended, ask the age old question, "Why should I attend my class reunion?" It is a valid question, and I am sure if you expend a large allotment of time and mental effort, one could find a myriad of reasons not to make an appearance.

Some of us will choose not to attend because we are concerned about appearances of all types..
"Man, I can't attend because I've changed so much..." or "I've changed, but no one else has..."
"Gee, what if people discover that I'm not where I want them to think I am..."
"I'm so past that high school thing...I've moved on and so should they..."

We are not entirely the "same" people that took those final steps from those memorable halls of ECHS 40 years ago. Back then we were all fresh faces, some with dreams in hand and spirit, eager to stamp our own unique signature into this temporal world. Some of those dreams came to fruition. For others, dreams changed and evolved into a different and marvelous reality unfathomable as mere kids.

Whatever we have become, for the most part we are far better people than when we left the launching pad back in 1979. We are more articulate, expressive and more self assured of ourselves. We have the ability to fight through the insecurities of youth and peer pressure that limited the full potential that resided and chained deep within our psyches. For once we can reveal our true selves and in return uncover the 'undiscovered country' in our friend's lives. We are more complete people.
It is a time of rediscovering why we were all friends and companions at one time. The fact that we have shared a common experience during a moment in time that was extremely blessed by God and directed by loved ones, is the social glue that beckons at the core of our souls to come home, one more time agin.

It is the Reunion Team's hope and prayer that you join us and have a blast at your reunion. Understand that time is a precious and limited commodity. Invest it wisely and reap the wealth in a payout of smiles, laughs and love.

For those who have registered ... thank you! Help us celebrate life and the fact that we still are able to celebrate!

Fred Johannesen





Regarding the 30th Year Reunion:

To everyone that came to the reunion, a heartfelt thank-you from the Reunion Committee for coming. We hope you had a great time! From the feedback that we received, it seems everyone did!

On a personal note, I thank you so much for the appreciation you showed to me at the evening event. I've done many things for many different types of compensation, but it doesn't get much better than receiving such a thank-you from your classmates from 30 years ago. It really touched me. It made all the effort worth while. Thank-you!

Fred J



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