1967 - Do You Remember?

To help us get in the mood for the reunion, we've prepared some questions that will help you revive those memories of 1967.  We'll add new questions each week.  All answers can be found in the '67 Shamrock.  Have fun . . we'll post the answers at a later date.


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1)   Name 3 Seniors who led the chorus "sophomores, sophomores you're so green, seniors, seniors we're so mean.

2)   Which Bonnie Lass demonstrated her musical skill on the strings?

3)   Who was the editor of the 1967 Shamrock?

4)   What were sophomores required to wear for a full day during "Hello Week" in 1967?

5)   What was the name of our school newspaper and who served as editor in 1967?

6)   Who played the piano in the "Tom Rose Trio"?

7)   Who won the Mayor's award for International Cooperation?

8)   What "Queen" reigned at the Christmas dance (Silver Bells) and later married her escort?

9)   Our progressive leaders abolished what requirement for student body officers during 66-67?

10)   What popular club headed by Scott Benge, boasted a membership of over 100?

11)   Geometry students took on a project called "Save-Our-Banana-Tree" by building a what?

  Geodesic Dome
  Out House
12)   What "favorite" faculty member claimed "Students are losers"?

13)   The Sheldon basketball team lost it's chance for a district championship when this hoopster broke his ankle 3/4's of the way through the season . . who is he?

14)   Why did "most" seniors enjoy Father James MacConnell's speech at graduation on the topic "A Generation Between the Times"?

  It was cool
  It was in English
  It was short
15)   Who designed "Starbuck's" wagon for 110 Degrees In The Shade?

16)   What two Sheldonites received the "outstanding skier" award?

17)   During the Christmas assembly of 1966 what folk duo sang "A Soalin"?

18)   Who were the 3 Witches in 4 Hats?

19)   This Sheldon good guy was a member of National Honor Society, Pep Band, Math Club, Thespians and was Elaine Eloranta's date for Moonlight & Roses. Who?

  John Anderson
  Kim Johnson
  George Albertus
  Bill Maris