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What career path did you pursue after high school?

  I joined the workforce.
  I joined the Armed Forces.
  I got a Vocational License/Certificate.
  I got a Bachelor's Degree.
  I got a Master's Degree.
  I got a Doctorate Degree.


•   Nathan Dotson  9/24
•   Tina Elam (Jones)  9/24
•   Lee Gong  9/24
•   Kelli Clark (Clark)  9/23
•   Charish Pyatt  9/20
•   Marjie Mitchell (Arrona)  8/22
•   Victor (Redman) Silvas Jr.  7/20
•   Lalo Banuelos  2/1
•   Jennifer Trottier  12/19
•   Elizabeth Manriquez  9/2
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3 live in Arkansas
116 live in California
1 lives in Florida
1 lives in Idaho
1 lives in Maine
2 live in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
3 live in Missouri
6 live in Nevada
1 lives in Ohio
5 live in Oklahoma
3 live in Oregon
5 live in Texas
7 live in Washington
1 lives in Alberta
1 lives in Saskatchewan
1 lives in Mexico
1 lives in Sweden
1 lives in United Kingdom
182 location unknown
10 are deceased


•   Holly Crookshanks (Vincent)  12/5
•   Beth Estes (Grimmius)  12/9
•   Marcie Shehan (Thiessen)  12/9
•   Greg Cook  12/12
•   Robin Hardiman (Mackey)  12/12
•   Polly Jobe (Freitas)  12/20
•   Karin Ross (Reynoso)  1/1
•   Karin Ross  1/1
•   Shanon Cottingham  1/2
•   Lea Reyna (Padilla)  1/3


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Exeter Union High School
Class Of 1989

Welcome to the

Exeter Union High School

Class of 1989


30th Reunion will be held on

October 11th, 2019

This website is all about only us, and seen by only us -others can view certain parts of it as a visitor. *NOTE: If you want to keep your information available ONLY to fellow registered classmates, be sure to check the "Profile Visibility" box located on the bottom of your profile page.

This website is intended for the planning of our upcoming reunions, gatherings,  and for reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. All of us on the Reunion Committee welcome and encourage your use of this website to share memories and stories as well as providing updates on your lives since leaving Exeter Union High School.

PLEASE USE GOOD JUDGMENT WHEN POSTING MESSAGES. Personal attacks, political and religious messages, as well as inappropriate language will be removed immediately.

We grew up so fast, didn't we?  We of the small town, we of the big family.  Gone are the times of tetherball matches and four-square, of nickel candy and quarter slots.  We walked home from school knowing the front door would be unlocked.  We memorized phone numbers because our phones didn't do that for us.  We were small town kids who did not know better.  We played in the park on lazy Saturday afternoons, we rode our bikes down steep driveways and rolling hills as tall as the Himalayas.  Our imaginations were as big as our hearts, full of laughter and games and invisible adventures to rival even those found in the ten cent comics we collected.  We were invincible. 
     We grew together.  Our bodies changed, our voices, too!  Some grew up, some grew out, some filled in, some not much, but we grew--together.  The memories of only a few years had bound us to a time and place, to an innocence not lost but discovered.  Was it the music we listened to at middle school dances, or the movies we saw when a parent was kind enough to drive that bound us to each other?  Maybe.  Was it the scouts, or the geology club, or home economics that linked us together?  Probably.  Or was it the simple existence in a small town, with people who cared not for a big, bad, outside world but rather the quieter comforts of heart and home that keeps us connected today.  Definitely.
    We are the lucky ones, you and I.  We are the few whose lives converged in an easier time, in a comfortable place.  Should we have it do all over again, we know that we would change nothing.  We know friendship as few ever do, unencumbered by distaste, dishonesty, or disillusion.  We know the meaning of home, when we come back to see Rocky Hill, or the Exeter Union tunnel, or the library at City Park.  We remember, as one, the walk with friends to Hole in the Wall, to Happy Hot Dog, to Jolly Cone.  Yet we share something even deeper.  That is, the look we see in each others' eyes as we meet in the mall, or the theater, or online.  We know now that our time in school, together, was more than just classes, clubs, athletics, and band.  More than just football games and dances, more than just parties and teenage mayhem, more than just doing hair before prom and fitting tuxedos for grandmothers, more than just senior portraits and caps and gowns. 
    We know that we were as much a part of our classmates' lives as they were in ours.  I know that you will always look to me as you did in school, that the memory I have of you is the way I will always think of you.  I know that the time I spent with you so many years ago was the best I have ever known--in a place free of worry, in a time full of wonder, at an age free of regret.  What you have given me is a sense of purity.  Purity in lifelong friendships so strong that as years fly by and we meet again it is as though no time has passed.  If we were left with legacy from our time in a small town, it is that we have known purity and always will.  We are bound.  We may have been Warriors, or Falcons, or Cougars for a time but we will always be pure Monarch, together.
    So as we go from this meeting, in the home we all shared, it does us well to remember the lessons learned here.  Nothing is too much that we can't pass through it together.  No loss is too great that we can't heal from it together.  No joy is so much that we should keep from each other.  Our lives would have been silent and unmemorable had we not lived them together, so this gift of reunion allows to bridge our distances.  Together.  Monarchs.  For
                                        - Woody Laughnan III

20 Year Reunion