Missing Classmates

Please help us find all our missing classmates. 

The classmates listed below are "missing" because they have NOT been to the site yet to register and join us.  Let's get the word out to everybody we know from the class to at least visit us here at www.BlueHawks1975.com and get registered, leave their contact information and take a moment to tell us what they have been up to since 1975.

If you know someone on the the list below, click on their name.  On the next page you will be able to enter their e-mail address.  The website will then send them an invitiation to check us out and join the fun.

It will be fun to see where they are and what's been "floating their boat" for almost 40 years.  Who knows, maybe we'll rekindle some old friendships that got separated by time and distance.

THANKS for all your help in making this site a fun place to visit from time to time. 

-Buzz Brewster

Michael Allen
Doug Altman
Marianne Andrews
Alexandra (Gay) Averill
Tim Bacon
Jim Baron
Laurie Beliveau
John Bell
Robert Blanchette
Nancy Boisvert (Purcell)
Mike Broadbent
Frances Buchanan
Carol Callahan
Gayle Callahan
Dudley Carter
Peggy Cartier
Bridget Casey
Fred Church
Deborah Claar (Morrisette)
Peggy Colcord
Steve Colella
Catherine Collier
Elizabeth Cox
Brenda Darby
Jim Davis
Christine Day
Corinne DE Lachapelle
Carole Driggs
Carol Eldridge
Richard Faucher
Mary Fernandes
Danny Fowler
Faye Freeman
James French
Brenda Fuller
Patrice Gallagher
Joy Garrison
Brian Gatchell
Roger Gauthier
Paula Gebo (Rowe)
Kevin Gilmore
Joe Grannon
Shirley Greene
Peter Grey
Donna Groetz (Gornto)
Sherry Hayward
Florence Herrick
Leslie Hett
Timothy Hoyt
Linda Jacques
Paul Kenerson
Mark Kimball
Carol Kraszewski
Leo Levasseur
Paul Loch
Cindy Lufkin
Andrea Maynard
Jim McDougall
James Mendes
Hilda Moreland
Laurie Newman
Ted Nichols
Bill Page
Thomas Palm
Roland Parenteau
Lynn Parker
Tina Petritis
Sharon Pettengill
Deb Pickard
Matt Pierce
Melissa Purdy
Linda Randlett
Steve Rawson
Jay Ring
Kevin Roach
Thomas Roberts
Pam Rowe
Barbara Sargent
Ralph Scamman
Nina Sewell
Bruce Sharp
Larry Shaw
Ed Shultz
Alan Simon
Margaret Smith
Bonnie Stewart
John Stilson
Gina Swanson
David Sweetser
Kathleen Tardy
Philip Taylor
Kelly Turcotte
Bill Tyrel
Bob Vieira
John Warren
Sally Wilson
Mike Zarnowski