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A Classmate's Dad and former substitute teacher:

(from Robin Gowen)

Frederick Gowen from Stratham NH was an occasional substitute teacher at EHS during the 1970's. He lived from July 8th, 1923 -September 20th 2010, many years of which he spent as a professor teaching plant genetics and agriculture in Nigeria.
Fred died after a brief and precipitous decline in health resulting from an enlarged heart and a failed triscuspid valve, causing congestive heart failure. While the early stages were painful, with the intercession of hospice his latter hours were comfortable. We will be holding a garden party in his honor on October 1, Friday from 3 to 6 PM in Santa Barbara CA where he lived for over ten years.

REST IN PEACE, Mr. Kozakca        



The Prom is EXPENSIVE these days....B-U-T:


Solar Power Project ? 

Did we know about solar power in 1975?  Holy Cow !!!