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Thank you to all PCEA members for your patience during the negotiation process. Here are the results of the December 2nd contract ratification vote:

Number of Members Voting: 148 of 208 members

Number of Yes Votes: 101

Number of No Votes: 47

The 2021-2024 contract has been ratified.


Brief update regarding PCEA's involvement in the lawsuit against Prairie Central.

On November 22  the Illinois Supreme Court granted the State’s request to consolidate 5 of the lawsuits with the 2 that were already in Sangamon County (Springfield). There will be 7 total combined and will now become one case. Our case is one of those going to Sangamon county and will no longer be heard in Macoupin county, where it was originally filed.

There has not been a court date set yet. We will let you know as soon as there is. IEA will enter their motion for all the unions at that time.


PCEA Members,

HB 2778 is now on the Governor's desk. The COVID School Employee Benefit & Wage Protection Bill will require districts to provide COVID days to any school or college employees to be used for all COVID related absences. This would be retroactive to cover the entire school year.

If you are so inclined the IEA has made it easy to send the Governor an email and let him know you'd like him to sign the bill.


IEA Requests to Intervene in Lawsuit on Behalf of PCEA

The following information was received by PCEA on 10/21/21. IEA is offering to intervene on behalf of PCEA in the lawsuit that was filed against the Prairie Central School District/Board of Education. Information about what it would mean for PCEA to request IEA to intervene can be found here:

Executive Council is asking members to vote to decide if PCEA should participate in the lawsuit with IEA representing PCEA.

Please read the information carefully before you vote. The Executive Council will make a decision regarding the involvement in the lawsuit based on member input. Understand that being involved in the lawsuit means PCEA, as an association, would be named in the lawsuit as a defendant alongside our board, the Governor, ISBE, and IDPH. Also understand that if a temporary restraining order (30 days) is granted, our students may be in school without masks, may no longer be quarantined, and there may not be testing requirements until either the lawsuit is settled, the 30 days expires, or an extension of the restraining order is granted (another 30 days). The initial hearing is set for November 5, 2021, in Macoupin County, where the lawsuit was filed against 145 school districts.

IEA believes that as employees of the district, we are greatly impacted by the lawsuit as it affects our working conditions.

Executive Council is aware that our membership has diverse views over the mask mandate, testing, and vaccinations. For this reason, we are asking for your input on this important decision.

An email has been sent with the link to your school email. No email addresses or names will be collected in this survey, however, to ensure only 1 vote per member, you will need to be logged into your school Google account to take the survey. This is a time-sensitive item and the survey will close on Tuesday, October 26, at 3:00 pm.


The PCEA Collective Bargaining Committee will meet on Monday, November 15 with a federal mediator and the PC Board of Education to continue the negotiations process. (The two October dates that the mediator had available were dates in which the Board was not able to meet.) We will share additional updates once we’ve met in November.

Thank you for your patience.


To the members of PCEA:

After numerous hours of work on behalf of your interests in the collective bargaining process, the PCEA Collective Bargaining Committee has reached an impasse with the Prairie Central Board of Education. As a result, the Association and the Board are jointly requesting a mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services.

During this time, we continue to operate under the 2018-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement. We understand that you may have questions, but we ask for your patience as we move forward in the process. In the near future, we will communicate details on ways that you can help with this effort.

Your continued support is appreciated as we work on behalf of all of the certified staff and education support professionals at Prairie Central.

Angie Kratochvil and Kay Shols, Co-Chairs

and the PCEA Collective Bargaining Committee




The PCEA officers and I want to take a minute to assure you that we are working with Mrs. Crane and the other administrators to address concerns regarding the coming school year. Mrs. Crane will be addressing many of these, including early release times for heat, during the Institute on Tuesday. Caren Appel, our future president, along with Chastity Pick, upcoming vice president, have met with Mrs. Crane to discuss portions of the reopening plan that are negotiable and/or concerning to members. They have suggested that the district survey staff about mask use indoors. This issue is bigger than just our membership, and one we can not take a stance on because our members are diverse in their beliefs. We encourage you to contact Mrs. Crane if you wish to convey your concerns regarding the reopening plan.

In regards to the upcoming open houses scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, PCEA did share concerns with Mrs. Crane about parents who may refuse to wear a mask in the building. Mrs. Crane gave the following recommendations. The focus should be on the kids. Staff are not expected to engage with parents who take their masks off once in the building. Classroom teachers should try to get the kids items and move them along as best you can. If a staff member isn't comfortable with an unmasked parent/student, do your best to keep your distance more than 3 feet.  Try to avoid the topic of masks with parents. Remind them that time is limited and keep the conversation positive.

Know that PCEA is here to support you as we start this new school year. I can assure you, our membership and students have often been on all the minds of the PCEA leaders this summer as statements came from the governor, ISBE, and CDC impacting our return to school. We have been in communication regarding concerns we hear, concerns we foresee, and solutions that can benefit all members. Remember, building representatives are there to listen and answer questions as well! Don’t hesitate to reach out to them. PCEA will continue to update you as soon as we are able. Please know that in the meantime, we are working behind the scenes to back you up and ensure the contract is being upheld.

Nicole Steidinger, Angie Kratochvil, Caren Appel, and Chastity Pick

There are roughly 280 staff members at PC.  Half of the staff completed our poll, while almost all of the staff completed the district survey.  

Number of staff that completed survey: 148

Do you have a concern with the safety of returning to in person learning next week? 

No: 33.8% 

Yes: 66.2%




Members, I want to check in and get your feedback on the district's decision to return to in person learning next week. Angie and I met with Mrs. Crane & Mrs. Dieken on Monday. We discussed the inability to continue in person learning due to the number of staff in quarantine and the rising number of cases and quarantines in our students. Mrs. Crane agreed to look at the data available and make a decision by Friday morning in order for staff to prepare. PCEA would like to get an idea of how our members feel about the decision to return next week. Please take a minute to fill out the short poll in the link below. We value your input! This same message and link were emailed to those on this site's mailing list and posted in our Facebook group.

Return to In Person Learning Poll 




Prairie Central

School Board Meetings

Let's show the school board we are interested in what they do and the decisions they make.  


To keep up with the most up-to-date information on professional development, licensure, and community education events….visit Regional Office of Education 17 at: 



PCEA Executive Council meets the first Wednesday of each month from September through May. 

If there is a contract-related issue that needs to be discussed, please notify a building rep prior to the monthly meeting.  Click here to view the monthly PCEA Agenda, Meeting Minutes, Expense Reports, IPACE Reports and the President's Reports.


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