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Dixie Cantwell
Class Year: 1969
Residing In: Bonanza, OR USA
Occupation: retired jeweler
Children: Jeffery Dean Randall July 1970 to June 2010 Shannon LeAnn Churchill July 1974
Dixie Cantwell


Yes! Attending Reunion

Because my father was a military man, I have lived all over, including Tripoli, Libya as a child. I raised my children primarily in Eastern Oregon, with horses, coyotes and the occasional rattle snake. However, once they became teens, we went on the road and traveled across the U.S, working our jewelry trade in various tourist centers, including journeys to the Caribbean. We eventually set up shop in the hip Key West town of Florida. While there, were fortunate to work for the treasure salvager, Mel Fisher, who discovered the sunken Spanish galleons, the Atocha and the Marguerite. It was fascinating work, making jewelry from the gold and silver coins, as well as the emeralds and other jewels that comprised the bounty of these two sunken ships from the Spanish fleet. --- Now I am retired, my oldest child has died. I am raising his two youngest children, which has given me a new lease on life. We live on a mountain in the Klamath Basin, sheltered by a grove of cedars. I use the long, dark, snowy nights to write dragon stories for the young adult reader, while I keep the wood stove stoked. My current mission is centered on finding ways to show my grandchildren all of the wonders I was able to share with their parents. It seems the circle always comes full around, making life quite grand. >;-}

School Story:

I always enjoyed my art classes with Emi Luptak (who passed in 2013). I even ventured into the drama club. Of course these two fields gave me many memories, but the one that always pops to mind is not any thing so flashy. I was called to the dean's office and had no idea what I had done to warrant such a meeting. In those days, the school had many sea gulls that swarmed the various trash bins for the leavings from lunch. It seems I had been spotted tossing bread crumbs to these sea gulls, who then expected every student to give them the same treats. When this did not happen, the gulls began strafing the students as they went to class across the central quad. Hmmm? Sounds like a good Hitchcock story to me. >;-}

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