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11/10/20 05:22 PM #1036    


Billy Gilda Ruth Quarles Webb (Webb)

ElindaHunter we are praying for your quick recovery sorry for the loss of your family 97 Awesome years, Billy an Gilda Webb

11/13/20 09:23 AM #1037    


Tommy Schwartz

I just received word that Marvin Rucks passed away in October 2019.  I am ususally in touch with his brother Donnie but due to Covid we hadn't talked in over a year.  I am posting a link to his obituary.!/Obituary

11/14/20 11:27 AM #1038    


Deveron Leith Martin

This took me by surprise and i'm so sorry to hear it.We hung out a lot in school and went to many races.My belated condolences to the family.R.I.P. Good Friend. Thank you Tommy for the notice.

11/14/20 05:27 PM #1039    

Dennis Vannoy

Thanks Tommy for the info on Marvin Rucks. I knew alot of Rucks over there. when I got out of school i worked on a dairy that my fiance brother in law owed.He was a Rucks too. They were all good folk. marvin was a good guy always liked him. I'll tell you what Tommy life is getting shorter everyday      P.S. did you ever forgive me for shooting you with that 22 rifle of yours. LOL

11/15/20 09:58 AM #1040    


Tommy Schwartz

Your memory is short Dennis...I shot myself with the .22.  I remember it well and remember how stupid I felt.  You don't aim a rifle straight down into a flower pot to shoot at a scorpion without the bullet shattering and coming right back up at you.  I had a sliver and some small pieces in my lower arm and the larger piece up by my vaccination . I remember going to Dr. McDermid that day.  If it was today the cops would have been called and there would have been some big investigation.  BTW...I also shot that rifle thru my bedroom ceiling and roof.  My dad never even asked me about it...even though he fixed both holes.

11/15/20 04:05 PM #1041    


Elinda Hunter

So sorry to hear about Marvin even though it was a year ago. Back in the day I wasn't really close with very many people. I do remember Marvin. It's sad hear of another classmate moving on. Prayers for the family. Grief takes it's toll and has it's own timeline.

11/16/20 04:31 PM #1042    

Dennis Vannoy

Tommy me and you were in the front pasture at your house and I shot at fencepole and it bounced back and hit you. Your mom when she got home was'nt too happy about it. Catch you later bub stay safe. Me and Terry have Chief Rogers living up here in the mts with us. He has his own place in the basement. I had turned it into an aparment full bath, two bedroom, kitchen and family room so he can watch Fox channel allday but he is 89 but doing well. got his golfcart to ride around on the property. gtg bye

12/05/20 08:24 AM #1043    


Billy Gilda Ruth Quarles Webb (Webb)

So sorry for loss of class mate Billy an Gilda Q Webb will be praying for family an Merry Christmas to one an all.

12/05/20 09:09 AM #1044    


Billy Gilda Ruth Quarles Webb (Webb)

Merry Christmas to one an all from ๐Ÿ’• Billy an Gilda Quarles Webb

12/24/20 10:24 AM #1045    


Tommy Schwartz

Merry Christmas Everyone!

12/25/20 06:30 AM #1046    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

Merry Christmas, Tommy & All!

12/25/20 10:34 AM #1047    


Elinda Hunter

Merry Christmas classmates!

12/25/20 07:39 PM #1048    


Helen Goodson

Merry Christmas!  Hoping the New Year will bring us all joy!  We've had enough of 2020. 

12/26/20 10:28 AM #1049    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Merry Christmas to all our classmates.  Hope the New Year brings joy, peace and happiness to each of you.


12/30/20 07:54 AM #1050    


Beverly Bolton

Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend, Carol  Fowler, and hope everyone has a Happy New Year 

12/31/20 10:36 AM #1051    


Carol Bronson (Fowler)

Thanks Bev for the birthday greeting.  I caught up to everybody else!  Happy New Year to all the Eagles!   Jim and I still have my mom, Rose, with us.  She can't hear and she can't see, but she still has a good cognitive process at 92ish.  Jim and I miss the freedom of retirement, especially travel.  I do play tennis in the early morning with the old guys in Woodfield.  Hope all of you are o.k., hopeful and halfway healthy.  See you in the vaccine line.  Hugs, Carol

01/04/21 08:21 PM #1052    


Billy Gilda Ruth Quarles Webb (Webb)

We had a quiet New Year all the guns fired an bottle rockets was alarming to our dogs an cats didn't like it called Police, they did nothing, but could have burnt houses down an woods on the left of us. So Billy ask the police to leave. About 2:00 A. M. Stoped then we could sleep. So we slept in. Happy New Year all. Billy an Gilda Quarles Webb.

01/21/21 06:33 AM #1053    


Elinda Hunter

I hope all of you who wish to have it are getting the coronavirus vaccine. I have a list of places where I can schedule an appointment here in NJ. I've heard appointments are currently booked into February-March. Let's end the pandemic and take control. Prayers for your health, Elinda.

02/12/21 08:56 PM #1054    


Tommy Schwartz

I Pray that Everyone is Well and that a Happy Valentine's Day is had by All.  (And guys...I wish you luck in finding the right present that will keep your Lady Happy.)

02/12/21 11:58 PM #1055    


Russell Turner

Oh, thank goodness! At our age I have gotten where I expect the worst. Wondered who had passed on now. Wonderful that is not the case.

Happy Valentines to all and to all a good night!

02/13/21 11:00 AM #1056    


Helen Goodson

Thanks for staying in touch. It's good to hear from "old" friends. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.

02/13/21 04:05 PM #1057    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Happy Valentine's Day to all my classmates!  Jim and I were lucky to get our 1st and 2nd COVID vaccinations and hope that in the near future this pandemic will allow us to get our lives back to normal ~ whatever that is!  Stay safe everyone and hope that we can have another gathering soon.


03/19/21 06:57 AM #1058    


Elinda Hunter

Sadly we have laid my brother in law, Bill Gahn, to rest. It's not from Covid-19 but a fast growing cancer. He's not from our class but 3-5 years prior to us. If any of you know my sister, Wanda, she lives in Ft Pierce and their son William L. Gahn is in town for a few days. I think he's class of 1997 in the magnet school system. I'm still doing fairly well in nj, on the waiting list for the vaccine.

03/19/21 03:44 PM #1059    


Tommy Schwartz

Sorry for your loss Elinda.  I remember his name but not his face.  BTW...most of us here in Florida that are our age have already had the chance to get both shots if they are on top of their game and have a desire to get one.

03/20/21 06:08 PM #1060    


Elinda Hunter

Thank you Tommy! New Jersey is really slow with getting their vaccine system under way. IDK if it's the denser population, proximity to New York or what. Many of my friends and I are on the schedule for this week, thank God.

I met Bill through my sister. His being older we wouldn't have known him in HS unless we had older brothers and sisters. He and Wanda have been together a long time.๐Ÿ’”๐ŸŒนโค๏ธ

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