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02/13/10 12:12 AM #1    

Jennifer Arey (Sikora)

Thanks for the replies. Now to find time to make a few more posts. Currently interested in early Beatles fans. You guys know who you are.

Also looking for a place to stay if I were to attend the reunion. I don't have a homebase in Garland. The Hyatt would get a bit over my budget.

Beatlemaniacs in Wyoming.

02/13/10 12:37 AM #2    

Jennifer Arey (Sikora)


Can't find your links to facebook.

02/26/10 09:59 PM #3    

Fred Bennett

Hello Jennifer, hope all is ok with you in Wyoming. there are several hotel/motels in the Garland area, one being a Holiday Inn not far from the Hyatt and also a Best Western in Wylie Tx thats also not to far (15 minutes or so). There are however from what i understand a few motels in Garland that probably would not be suitable for you. Garland has definately gone thru some changes if you havent been here in a while, my wife and i live pretty close to the George Bush turnpike and the new Hyatt hotel, back in our school days this was all farm land and the 911 ranch if you remember that. Gosh, how time changes things. If you havent tried out facebook yet, you might be interested in checking that out. I have located quite a few of our classmates and continue to add more as i find them. Good luck with your search for fellow classmates and we look forward to seeing you at our 40 year reunion

Fred Bennett

03/04/10 11:02 AM #4    

Richard Locke

Hey Jennifer, Wyoming is such a beautiful place but I just dont think I could put up with the cold. Im not an old Beatle fan but here is a bit of trivia for you. Do you know who taught John Lennon how to play the harmonica. He is from Texas and is an old Blues player. A buddy of mine bought his wrecked tour bus in 97 and while we were repairing it we found some of his tapes and CDs. We went to listen to him down at Gruene hall,(one of the oldest honky tonks in Texas) and was hooked. He has a great road show and if you ever get a chance to see him I suggest you do. I will give you a chance to respond.

03/08/10 10:59 AM #5    

Jennifer Arey (Sikora)

Hey Richard

Delbert McClinton is the first that comes to mind.

I've not seen his show but have heard about it.


03/08/10 12:59 PM #6    

Richard Locke

You are correct, we have traveled several states to go see him in action. We met him after he saw his old bus at one of his shows. There is another Blues player that writes songs with him that came from Garland and his name is Gary Nicholson who graduated from SGHS in about 69. If you ever get a chance go see Delbert. You can go to Delberts web site to catch his schedule and his Bio. Congrats on knowing the right answer, see you at the reunion.

03/18/10 07:01 AM #7    

Greg Forman

Hey Jennifer. Just wanted to say hi and hope you can make it here. Do you plan on driving here or renting a car? Are you bringing someone with you?

03/19/10 01:18 PM #8    

Jennifer Arey (Sikora)

Hey Greg. Can't answer any of your questions just yet. It is up in the air at the moment.

03/19/10 07:29 PM #9    

Marti Stricklin


I can't believe you know Delbert McClinton!!! I LOVE HIS MUSIC!!!!!

03/19/10 08:06 PM #10    

Harry Norris (Norris)

Yea, I got hooked after I saw him on the IMUS in the Morning Show on CNBC about 5 years ago...singing "Rita's Gone"...Of course "Givin' it up for your Love" a classic! Texas folks have had a profound impact on music..."I'll just start a groove and ya'll just come on in..." say Del! I think after Imus, I bought 3 of his CDs in 2 days!

We haven't changed have we!! What a great Class we have!

Harry Norris

03/20/10 12:09 PM #11    

Cindy Reeves (Gregg)

Jennifer, I think I qualify as a Beatles fan -- we named our two Australian shepherds Penny (Lane) and Max (the Silver Hammer). And I raised my children to appreciate fine music. They both owned the White Album before they were old enough to drive. I hear from Annette that you are building a house in WY. What an undertaking! Hope to see you this summer! Cindy

03/21/10 09:17 PM #12    

Jennifer Arey (Sikora)

Cindy. Was thinking of you, Patti, Candi, Cynthia, and Cindy when I wrote the message. Y Teens and granny dresses.
The house is a shell right now. I have thought many times what possessed me to start such a project at my age. However, another year and it should be close to finished.

03/24/10 11:38 AM #13    

Richard Locke

Hey Marti, its not like I am a personal friend of his but I have had the privelage of meeting and speeking with him several times. Its good to have a friend with Delberts last Tour Bus, that got us in the door. If you listen to his old music and compare to his new I believe his voice has gotten better. Hope to see you at the reunion. Everyone should at least try his music.

04/09/10 08:00 PM #14    

Phyllis Dianne Ferris (Lee)

I would never have heard about this website if I had not connected with people on Facebook that I went to high school with. I am actually planning to attend the reunion as I have been back in the Garland area for a while.

It is really nice to see people I grew up with and how well they are doing. But sad about those we lost.

04/19/10 06:40 AM #15    

Greg Forman

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Johnny Harris, Steve McGriff?

04/19/10 06:52 AM #16    

Greg Forman

What's the deal about Delbert McClinton? Why is he in the conversation? I missed it.

04/20/10 10:55 AM #17    

Jennifer Arey (Sikora)


Check out #7, #8 and #9 above.


05/06/10 07:59 PM #18    

David Mitchell

Hello one and all,

I'm thinking of going to the Kerrville Folk Festival for a couple of days midweek before the reunion, if I can get a ride from Garland.

Anyone want to go?

David Mitchell

07/05/10 03:14 PM #19    

Cathy Norris

Hello all. I loved our renunion.  Thanks to all of you that made it possible.  I enjoyed catching up with so many of you.  I only wish that there had been more time to talk with everyone.  So many stories, so little time. I do hope we can reunite in 5 years.  As I was driving home,  my head was filled with so many memories of our high school years and along with that all the classmates that we have lost.  I had a great time playing golf and would love to get together again with anyone, before the next reunion. 

What a fantastic group of people!!!!! Go Owls.....

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