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07/26/10 04:56 PM #1    

Barry Branvold

For those who don't know, you can see the Central Website.

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 Scroll down to the bottom of the RR "Home" page and you will find a "Fake" email and password for Red River Classmates to use to log into the Central Site.

Remember the email and password and click the link to the Central Page.

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07/27/10 10:01 AM #2    

David Benson

What a fabulous time the reunion was in Grand Forks.  Once again thanks to all those who did a great job of making the arrangements.  Both nights were in nice places with very good "finger" food.  When I could stop long enough from chatting I had a chance to even try some of it.  There were many old friends and some we missed.  That's too bad some couldn't make it but it's summer time and so many things going on you just can't do everything.  We sure did enjoy ourselves and missed those that weren't there.  Doesn't mean we didn't tell stories and talk about you.  Right back into the busy day to day life but will try to get some pictures up soon.

Many are showing up on facebook for those of you that do that.  My pictures should be accessable to anyone even if you are not a facebook member.  I'm under David Burnie Benson.  The Burnie nick name started after I moved from Grand Forks in 74'.  Someday we'll explain that.  Although I really did appreciate the hug bon fire!!!

David Benson


08/15/19 12:37 PM #3    

Barb Ferrie (Haynes)

This is not a response to either of the above messages but I couldn’t find any other way of posting a new message.  I have a question - does anyone out there know anything about Russ Warner and/or Joe Clark?  Still alive?  What did they do after leaving RR?  

03/25/21 07:05 AM #4    

Dan Viau

I will be there! I will contact Mark Denbrooke and Bob Amstrup to let them know.


08/12/21 09:24 AM #5    

Sandy Ratzlaff (Eukel)

Sandy Ratzlaff - Mina

My husband and I planned on attending the reunion. Unfortunately, I fell  in July and broke #1 and #2 vertebraes. I am in assisted living facility in Fargo. I would like to say hello to all of my classmates. Sorry I will miss this event, 

08/13/21 09:39 AM #6    

Michael Lunak

Hi Sandy - How unfortunate.. :( I am living in Fargo and plan to attend tonight's (8/13) festivities at the Grand Forks Country Club. Because of prior commitments, I will not be attending Saturday (8/14). If you would like me to bring you anything from the tonight's event, please let me know. If so, what facility are you at and what covid restrictions in place (I have been vaccinated (Pfizer). I do wish you only the best and a speedy recovery from your injury.

Mike Lunak (218 779-0939)

08/14/21 05:12 PM #7    

Sandy Ratzlaff (Eukel)

Thank you Mike for the offer, but I don't need anything. Hope I/ we can make the next gathering. I shoild be going home on Tuesday and continue rehab at home. Take care,


08/16/21 01:18 PM #8    

Michael Lunak

Hi Sandy - Thank you for getting back to me! Again, wish you only the best and a speedy recovery! 

Take care,

Mike Lunak

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