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David Verduin

David Verduin

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09/02/17 07:19 PM #1    

Mary-Claire VanderWal (Barton)

I remember Dave so well.  He was very shy and I used to work hard to tease a smile out of him, but I always felt when he had something to say, it was well worth listening.  I haven't seen him in so many years but my memories are very clear and very good.  I am sure he will be missed, and I send my sympathy....Mary-Claire Vander Wal Barton

09/03/17 06:08 PM #2    

Ron Calsbeek


Dave and I were buddies from early on. I'm not sure how old we were when we first knew each other, but it had to be by kindergarten or before. He and I attended Fuller Ave CRC so we were in Sunday School, catechisim, and Cadets together. He was a good and loyal friend all through our highschool years, but we went our separate ways following high school graduation. 

As I recall, Dave was one of the guys who was suspended (a few beers at the beach) from school a few weeks before graduation and was not permitted to "walk" along with the rest of us. He was only one of many who suffered this harsh treatment, but it seemed to affect Dave deeply. 

In any case, he was a good man. I wish I had not lost touch with him. Dave was a firefighter in the Grand Rapids Fire Department. He was higly decorated for his service and held the rank of Captain. 


09/05/17 10:04 AM #3    

C. Thomas VanderWoude

He was a good guy.

09/12/17 01:07 AM #4    

William VanDyke

Like Ron,  I spent a lot of time with a group of guys including Dave.  We were all students at Oakdale Christian and some attended Fuller Ave CRC.  I remember Dave as a gentle, bull of a guy whose physical strength gave us a sense of security as we cruised the neighborhood.  I'm sure that strength was an asset in his vocation as a fireman.  He was quite sober but like MaryClaire I enjoyed his grin when he was tickled about something. It's amazing how you can spend a lot of time with someone and then part ways.  I'm sure this parting was my loss.  Bill Van Dyke


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