Planning Meetings***


Anyone is more than welcome to come and  take  part in the  planning of the Reunion.   


The following class members are:  

Taylor & Sandy Smith

Mark & Leslie Mingenback

David & Kim Walters

Terry Gaunt

Lyle Gunn

Jim Briel

Lynne Scheuerman



Our last meeting to plan the class of 1970 40th Reunion



 Everyone enjoying Terry Guant!  What on earth was he thinking about

August 19,2010

Putting the final touches on the Reunion Weekend


AUGUST 5, 2010 Meeting

Lynne , Jim, Leslie and Mark

Taylor and Terry were still working, Kim and David in KC watching the Chiefs.  Sandy took the pic tonite.


 July 22, 2010 Meeting


Taylor working on the web site at the planning meeting, while Lyle, Mark and Jim observe.


 Meeting June 10, 2010

Look for an email coming from the committee

Have most all of the details worked out

Sitting around the table and remembering the good old days


Everyone has had a good time planning the reunion.  Has brought back a lot of good memories.  The time is getting closer, so the next meeting we will be finalizing all the details.  If you plan on coming and sharing in the fun, let us know.


May 13th Meeting

Planning the menu!!!!!

Having a fun time!!!!  PLANNING

Lynne Scheuerman (Black) tells Jim Briel remember ***********

Have the meal planned

(Chicken or Steak)

"Refreshment Time "

10 cent Coors Light long necks

Have you gotten your yearbook and looked at the class lately?


Terry and Glenda Gaunt the first to pay for the weekend of FUN!!!

Mark and Leslie Mingenback are coming too.


April 29th Meeting

 Class Members doing a mailing