Reunion Photos

Reunion photograph taken on October 24, 2009.

Joe Ann Favor and Charles Purvis

Bo Cooper and Norman Tucker

Clem and Debbie Stovall

Welcome 1959 Grads and Big 8 Champs! by Sharon Pugh Laney

Allen Butler Edwards and her husband Steve

Susan Orr and Kay Cooper

Charles and Miriam Hutchison

Our Master MC Penny Moss

Norman Tucker and Max Orr

Linda Polson Owens and her husband Ralph

Amy Loflin Johnson and Sally White Freeman

Rita Orr Fulcher and Debbie Stovall

Pat and Charles Fendley

Barbara Quinn McNutt and her husband Paul

Gene Allen Lott and his daughter Peggy

Phillip Coffey and his wife Shirley


Jean Henderson

Shirley and Phillip Coffey and Mary Beth and Larry Boggs

Penny Moss and Dottie and Ken Dowe

Sally White Freeman, Fay Owens Dixon, Linda Polson Owens and Harvey Davis

Catherine Jordan Pike and Duane Garrett Tate

Mildred Reynolds and Wilma Zay Fegerson

Charles Fendley and Joe Ann Fava

Nancy Blackman Billups and Peggy Keady

 Lynn Freidman Sullenberger and Sally White Freeman

Roger Ingram and Harold Mabry

Jerry Payton and Ken Dowe

Albert and Faye Paul

Ken Dowe and Sally White Freeman

Connie and James Sonny Owens

Hazel Wilcox Provix and Carol Orr (Jim Orr's wife)

Jim and Max Orr

John and Mary Beth Hanbery

Joe Ann Fava

Clint and Ruth Fletcher

Allice and Harvey Davis

Carolyn and Harold Holiman

Jean Henderson, Will Ploger and Jeanette Cochran Ploger

Vernon and Ann Kembrough

Dottie Dowe, Penny Moss, Barbara Quinn McNutt, Ken Dowe and Paul McNutt

Rodney Taylor, Robert Taylor, Shirley Brownell Phillips and Jerry Payton

Brenda Burks Vaughan and Catherine Jordan Pike

 Sonny Owens, Albert Paul and Betty Joe Banks Riggins

Willene Dugger Duncan and Lynn Freidman Sullenberger

Humphres Henderson George and her husband Joe

Guy  and Sally White Freeman

Charles Bo Cooper and Kay Cooper

Tommy and Frankie Cain

Now that's a Meal

David and Grace Estes Henerson and Margaret Sachs


Billy Muffuletto and Whiley Buddy Mock

Billy and Paula Tompkins

Benjy Nelken and Charles Davenport

Brenda Burks Vaughn, Shirley Brownell Phillips, Kitty Solomon and Willene Dugger Duncan