45th Reunion Photos





We reunited at Bass on Friday night!

Barbara Woods Ballard, Patty Dickerson Smith

J D Campbell, Richard Rhoden, David Beckwith, Dick Peterson

One of our beautiful table arrangements

A glance at the carousel from the old Fairyland Park now housed in the Bass Gym

Glenn Smith(Patty Dickerson), J W Moore

Barbara Woods Ballard, Richard Rhoden, Deborah and Jimmy Wilson, Minnie Bell Brantley Rhoden, Etta Atkins Eidson

Allan and Carolyn Nation

Mary Katherine Morphis Adams, Wade Wineman, Billie Sue Burt Mathews, James Nowell, Joe Bennett, Andy Gore, Diane Mills(Bob)

Jimmy Wilson, Bonnie Robertson Gardner, Lydia Vest Martin, Stacey and Robin Harding, Julia and Bob Booth

Gene Holiman, Becky Wineman(Wade), Mary Katherine Morphis Adams, Edna Shurden Langley, Wade Wineman

Bonnie Robertson Gardner, Gene Holiman, Tim and Patricia Jones Waldrup, Joe Bennett

Patty Dickerson Smith, Darrell Ballard(Barbara Woods), Bettie Jane Hobart Weeks

Nancy Beckwith, Bob Booth, Julia Booth, Beth Peterson(Dick)

Then we had a Saturday morning brunch and memorial for our deceased classmates...

Richard Rhoden, J W Moore, Minnie Bell Brantley Rhoden, Jack Bishop(Marsha Murphree)

Danny Chewning, Billie Sue Burt Mathews, Patty Dickerson Smith

In Memory

Joe and Debi Coursey

Julia and Bob Booth, Alana Oakes Jackson, Johnny Blanks

Joe Coursey, J D Campbell, Bettie Jane Hobart Weeks, Billie Sue Burt Mathews, Janice Lingle Pool

Bob and Julia Booth, Janice(Lingle) and Leslie Pool

Bunny and Raymond Mercer, Patty Dickerson Smith, Carroll Perrett Putzel

Lynda Freeman Lowe, Sol Putzel, Patty Dickerson Smith, Jeff Nichols

Beverly Chewning(Danny), Barbara Woods Ballard

Jack Bishop(Marsha Murphree) Raymond Mercer, J W Moore, Johnny Blanks, Joe and Debi Coursey

Tim and Patricia Jones Waldrup, Martha Hogue Ortmann

Nick and Theda Russell

David Beckwith

Al King, Nathan Paul and Sharon Williams

Al and Kathleen King, Suzie Harper Orr, Alice Jean Whitfield Dortch

Kathleen King(Al), Suzie Harper Orr, Alice Jean Whitfield Dortch, Kathleen and Gene Holiman

Mark and Alice Jean Whitfield Dortch, Kathleen and Gene Holiman

Kathleen and Gene Holiman, Debra and Bill Mullendore, Nathan Paul Williams

Debra and Bill Mullendore, Ronald Keith Hartley

Ronald Keith Hartley

Etta Atkins Eidson, Juanita (Pace) and Bill Furchak

Juanita (Pace) and Bill Furchak

Joyce and Wayland McCool

Mary Katherine (Morphis) and Johnny Adams

Sue (Coleman) and Dean Edwards

Vivian and Alan Smith

Sam Keith

Lydia Vest Martin, Gary Berry

Lynn and Andy Gore

Robert Cunningham, Joyce McCool(Wayland), Beth Peterson(Dick), Julia Booth(Bob), Tommy Roberson(Margaret Kellum), Sharon Williams(Nathan Paul), Beverly and Danny Chewning, Raymond Mercer, Andy Gore

Mary Katherine Morphis Adams, Patty Dickerson Smith

The memorial begins

Minnie Bell Brantley Rhoden lights a candle in memory of our deceased classmates

Sue Coleman Edwards, Etta Atkins Eidson, Joyce McCool, in background, Johnny Adams(Mary Katherine Morphis), Cheryl Thompson Kelly, Bettie Jane Hobart Weeks, George Langley(Edna Shurden), Al King, David Beckwith, Lynn Alexander Schaffarzick

And then, we met again Saturday night at the Yacht Club

Al King, Sam Keith, Jane and Cham Trotter, Stacey and Robin Harding, Marsha Murphree Bishop, Lynda Freeman Lowe, Pete Lowe(Lynda Freeman), Mark and Alice Jean Whitfield Dortch, Robert Cunningham

James Nowell, Charlie Lum our photographer and DJ

Tim and Patricia Jones Waldrup, Nathan Paul and Sharon Williams, Beverly and Danny Chewning

Minnie Bell Brantley Rhoden, Lydia Vest Martin and Linda Campbell Fatherree

Nolan Branton, Robin Harding, Jeff Nichols, Pam Pelezo Coleman, Stacey Harding(Robin), J D Campbell, Lynda Freeman Lowe

Pete and Lynda Freeman Lowe, Edna Shurden Langley, Pam Pelezo Coleman, Robin Harding, Theresa Moody, Stacey Harding(Robin), Al King, J D Campbell, Linda Hall Branton, Jeff Nichols

We all had fun...and then it was over!