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12/29/14 10:51 AM #2529    


Marilyn Kelly (Palmer)



09/14/16 08:50 AM #2530    

Larry Gale Vaughn

Very sorry to hear of Jimmy Peets passing. Had some great times playing little league baseball with him. 

09/15/16 04:57 PM #2531    

Wayne Lee

So sorry to hear about Jimmy Peets. I've known him since Buster Brown Park days. I was his baseball catcher during high school. He left us too soon. 

09/15/16 06:10 PM #2532    


William Charles Spears

I am so sad to hear of Jimmy Peets passing. Jimmy and I were baseball buddies for years. He really had a great fastball. When he threw side-armed, which was most of the time, it was hard to stand in the batter's box. He and "Rookie Coleman" will make a pretty good roster of starting pitchers.   (Scooter)


09/15/16 06:46 PM #2533    

Mike Dees

Jimmy, you will be missed.  A lot of good times have come to an end but you will not be forgotten. RIP my friend

09/16/16 01:59 PM #2534    


Michael Freund

Sorry to hear about Jimmy's passing.  We're praying for the family.


10/16/18 08:25 PM #2535    

Johnny McRight


In the coming days, your local and semi-local Classmates will be working to determine your interest in a 50th Class Reunion and to what extent and detail it should be planned.

Be looking for a brief questionnaire over the next couple of days. This is designed to give us a feel for what type of Reunion activity or activities the majority of our Classmates prefer.

Stay Tuned and back Soon.

04/02/19 02:57 PM #2536    


Marilyn Kelly (Palmer)

I just heard that one of my favorite people at GHS had passed away, Nancy Henderson. She was so precious and so full of life. We had some great times cheerleading together. I pray for her husband and three children. She will be missed🙏


09/29/19 05:44 PM #2537    


Linda Dianne Burnett (Kistner)

Thank you all for making last night a night to remember!!  Special thanks to the organizers!!!  It was so nice to reconnect with so many!










10/07/19 12:47 PM #2538    


Marilyn Kelly (Palmer)

It was fun Linda. So good to see you and your husband. Hopefully we can meet for lunch again in West Point. I will be in that direction soon. We’ll make Randy pay 😜


06/05/20 03:26 PM #2539    

Janice Jeanette Robertson (Dunagan)

Our classmate Diane Hollis (Wolfe) passed away June 5, 2020 of Covid 19...

06/06/20 06:57 PM #2540    


Linda Dianne Burnett (Kistner)

I am so sorry to hear this - I have not seen Diane since graduation but she was so sweet!!

06/23/20 10:35 PM #2541    

Daniel Lee Hall

Just to let everyone know unfortunately Bill Carroll passed away last Wednesday night. I have no further information other than I had recently spoke with him and he was doing real good and we had hoped to get together again. Very sad to report this as we were freshman roommates at MSU.

06/24/20 10:08 AM #2542    

William Lawrence Dannenberg

Thanks Danny - Sorry to here about Bill....

06/24/20 10:58 AM #2543    


Ken Laney

Thanks for the sad notice Danny. Mary Prior Sherman had a Facebook post last week also. I had not spoke with Bill one on one, but we had communicated a number of times online in recent years. Good, Good guy, gone way to soon. May God bless his loved ones and family. 

06/24/20 12:49 PM #2544    

Van Pierce Whitfield

Danny,  So sorry to hear about Bill's passing.  May he Rest In Peace.  Such a great guy and one that was always reaching out to check on many of us.  Really tough hearing about the passing of any of our class mates.  While we all know that time will eventually come to all of us, it is never easy!

Thanks again for the notice and take care of yourself.  Stay safe.


10/09/20 09:45 AM #2545    


Ken Laney

Many of you may remember from GHS, Leo Shriver and his wife Penny (he would have been in our class, but unfortunately did not finish with us). Wednesday 10/7, Penny passed away from results of a severe stroke.  Please keep Leo and his family in your prays, Penny was 67 at her passing.

10/10/20 11:31 AM #2546    

Janice Jeanette Robertson (Dunagan)


Thanks for letting us know about Penny.  Penny was such a sweet outgoing lady.   Prayers for Leo and family.


09/15/21 05:09 PM #2547    

Larry Odell Davidson

Thinking back to my good old High School days here recently, I began to think about which of my class mates did I view as the friendliest of the bunch, overall, in our class.  These are my picks.  Friendliest girl,  Marilyn Kelly.  Friendliest guy, Frank England.  I am sure that every one of us have someone in mind because we had a big class but these two were always nice to me and always had a big smile on their face for everyone they encountered.  Reflections of a time long ago but not forgotten.

09/16/21 07:27 AM #2548    

Nancy Rayner Wineman (England)

What a wonderful compliment to Frank!  He would feel so honored to hear you say that, Larry----I wish he were still here to read it on our forum.  Marilyn, same to you!  Love, Rayner



09/16/21 12:40 PM #2549    


Marilyn Kelly (Palmer)

Larry, if I recall you always had a smile on your face too! Those were the best times 😜 Wish I could go back just for a few days. A Friday nite football game and our wonderful band playing their hearts out. Frank did always have a smile on his face. So nice! 
Been a tough year. My husband died of Covid last July but with God's help, I keep going❤️
Thank you for the sweet words Rayner. Love to all and be safe 🙏





09/19/21 09:06 PM #2550    

Nancy Rayner Wineman (England)

Marilyn, I am so sorry about your husband-----a real tragedy.  My prayers are with you, my friend.


09/20/21 10:16 AM #2551    

Larry Odell Davidson

Marilyn, I to, am sorry to hear the sad news about your husband.  Patsy and I both are fighting cancer and I am so thankful that we both have faith in Jesus to get us through this part of our life.  I don't know how we could have made it, had it not been for our faith and our great Christian friends and family support.  Marilyn, I have always felt like you are one of the most honest, loving persons I know and I sincerely want to thank you for the kindness you have always shown me.  I know that this forum is not "facebook" but it is the only way I knew how to get this message to you.

09/20/21 01:40 PM #2552    


Ken Laney

Larry, so sorry to hear the news about you and Patsy suffering from cancer. I will pray that our Lord will be with you during your struggles and bring you both a restoration of health. I agree with you that two of the finest people we had in the class of 69 (or any class) were Frank and Marilyn. I was so sad to hear of Frank's death several years ago, we had a lot of contact during HS through sports and he alway treated me well. I did hear about Marilyn's husband's death in July and I believe I sent her a post at that time. As I recall, unfortunately they were not married very long before his death. It is hard to believe that it has been almost 3 lifetimes since we have seen most of our classmates from 69! 

09/20/21 04:54 PM #2553    

Larry Odell Davidson

Thanks Ken for your prayers and concern.  None of us are young in age anymore.  Maybe young in mind and young at heart but none of us are 18 year olds anymore.  Patsy and I have a great life. This cancer is just one of those hiccups that life throws at us.  We thank GOD for each and every day and we do so with a glad heart.  Good to hear from you Ken.

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