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02/13/18 09:15 AM #57    


Cathy Chapman (1968)

There are several FB pages of GTMO.  There are lots of photo albums on:





02/13/18 11:15 AM #58    

Lucy Garrett (West) (1960)

The article about GTMO today was so interesting.  Shared it with my siblings (Johnny, Terry, Gina, Jean).

Wish we could attend the Reunion this year.  However, family obligations prevent our attending.  Would love to see everyone again!

02/13/18 05:22 PM #59    

Tara Lampman (Boulden) (1981)

Thanks, Linda!  That was an interesting article!  I guess that the reporter didn’t mention the mine fields for a particular reason!  Maybe she didn’t see them!  

02/14/18 01:31 PM #60    


Linda Carlson (1966)

Yeah, they conveniently omitted our beloved mine fields, ha! It WAS an interesting article, an espresso bar now, wow!

02/15/18 10:47 AM #61    


Sean Broderick (1982)

Speaking of mines...

Purchased as a fund-raiser souvenir in about 1979.

02/16/18 08:00 AM #62    

Denise Aanerud (McDonald) (1982)

We have a couple of these also, but our were permanately 'borrowed' from a fence.  I'm not sure, but, I think Dick Aanerud may have been involved

02/17/18 08:24 AM #63    

Tara Lampman (Boulden) (1981)

Denise, I have no doubt that your brother could have been involved with that!!!!  😀

02/17/18 02:03 PM #64    

Brian Baker (1986)

To all my classmates from 1986
I'm back on the rock

02/17/18 02:06 PM #65    

Brian Baker (1986)

That didn't sound right
I'm back in GTMO

06/02/18 03:38 AM #66    

Kayla Liechty (Paulk) (1985)

My Dad, Ken Liechty (P-3 pilot/base meteorologist), Mom (Linda Liechty), brother Greg and I lived in GTMO 1972-1975.  I was K-2 grade, and my brother was two years younger than me.  My 2nd grade teacher was Ms. Kool.  We lived in Turnkey 146, and I'm wondering:

1)  Did anyone else live in Turnkey/do you have any pictures of this subdivision?

2)  Does anyone know these people:  Stephanie Visconti, Mary Kay Fischer, Julie Dundas?

3)  Does anyone have pictures to share from 1972-1975?

One of my fondest memories was of my Dad doing the weather report on TV immediately following Felix the Cat (around 5p, I think).  I also enjoyed my bus driver, who brought us each a stalk of sugar cane each Friday.  Great memories!

06/02/18 02:39 PM #67    

Laura Bratcher (Parsons) (1971)

My dad was the Minefield Maintenance Officer for Marine Barracks from 68 through 71.  He also worked in the minefields back in the early 60s.  I have one of those signs hanging in my garage right now.  I know there were many of  those signs that came up missing on the way to Kittery Beach back in the day.

06/03/18 03:46 PM #68    

Tom Fanning (1974)

Kayla - My sister, Mary Jo, was in kindergarten or first grade in 1972 when we were stationed in GTMO.  Attached is a picture of her and one of my other sisters, Helen, that was taken at the O Club in March of 1972.  I remember we had a some good times there in GTMO.

11/15/21 01:28 PM #69    


Cathy Chapman (1968)

Thank you to everyone who has worked so diligently to keep this group together!  I no longer use Facebook because it's too random.  But I would be at a loss if I got disconnected from You even though I may not know you personally.  We have been in the same foxhole together.  Special hugs to all the Leeward Pointers!



10/25/22 07:28 AM #70    

Gary Stafford (1969)

My family lived on base from 1958 until early in 1960. We have very little in the way of photographs from that time. If you have any photos or videos of that era that you would share with me I would really appreciate the memories those would provide. (

10/27/22 01:04 PM #71    

Brian Baker (1986)


03/30/23 11:13 AM #72    


Barbara O'Neill (1975)

There are a couple "Groups" on Face Book that Gitmo personnel and classmates are posting if you would like to check them out.

Naval Base Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) Cuba you have to join

GTMO another group you have to "join"

At the top of each page there is a "Members List " you can see if you know anyone. 

There is also another one not sure exactley how it's posted but look for W. T. Sampson Alumini Group

ALSO a classmate is Posting Classmate Video's on U-Tube!!! under W. T Sampson High school, you will have to search for it. We are all very Active! And still in Touch!!

Barbara O'Neill class of 75 But left in 1971 And Back for a week Visit in 2014

03/30/23 01:20 PM #73    

Cindy Sawyer (Nunn) (1971)


Thanks for replying. I think I have found and joined all of these groups. I just wondered if you knew Cindy Aven because of your post about her passing. I believe her family returned to Gitmo after the Missile Crisis was over-not sure how long they stayed. My father's tour was up, so we didn't return.



04/02/23 08:47 AM #74    


Linda Carlson (1966)

Hi all! Cindy Aven and I were classmates, her family apparently did return after the Missile Crisis because we were in class together then. I didn't recall her before the Crisis but it's easy to mix up the "before and after" of those days; we were evacuated, my father stayed, and then we returned.

Cindy was wonderful and I'm proud to say a friend way back then, I was shocked to see that she had passed and don't know of the circumstances. So glad that we were friends, friends were sure critical to me back then as my father and stepmother had issues. I'm not on Meta so this is my lifeline to my Gitmo Days and was glad to have attended the 2015 Reunion.

04/02/23 09:13 PM #75    


Cathy Chapman (1968)

Things were confusing before, during, and after the Missile Crisis.  I find that it happened so long ago that people don't remember it and then I remember I'm nearly 3/4 of a century old.  The school history books just gloss over it and barely mention it.  The older I get, the more often I am asked questions.  It was one of the main pivotal points of my life, my concept of life, my relationship with the Lord, my relationship with the Navy and with my family.  You all make that part of my life seem real and good.  Thank you who post here and at the other sites.

04/03/23 11:09 AM #76    


Barbara O'Neill (1975)

I'm reading back all the post, I love the Photo's ~ especiall the flowers of the Morocco Tree. My Favorite Tree!

I'll never forget the brilliance of those scarlet flowers all over the Island when they were in full bloom. I am sorry I don't know how to get in touch with Lindy, The Navarre area is Pensacola Santa Rosa County she met me  there because it was 1/2 way from where we both lived.  The other FACEBOOK Groups we all are connected on are 

  " Naval Base Gunatanamo Bay (Gitmo) Cuba" 

And   "GTMO"   Love to All~

04/03/23 11:18 AM #77    


Barbara O'Neill (1975)

Barbara O'Neill (L) and classmate Debbie Smith, Back to the Base for a week visit thanks to another Classmate who was working there for the DOD. 2014

04/03/23 11:23 AM #78    


Barbara O'Neill (1975)

Me, Barbara O'Neill and brothers Michael and Mathew  (RIP)  at the North East Gate Marine Barracks. My First Holy Communion May 8,1966


04/03/23 11:28 AM #79    


Barbara O'Neill (1975)

W.T. Sampson Class Reunion in Destin. Classmates (In 1970) Brian Wilkinson (RIP), Juan Moreno,Bill Branscum(RIP) Russell Waters

Barbara O'Neill, Babs Hessey,Karen Prejean,Belinga Baggett Campbell,Lorrie Billingsley Leighton,Jerrie Dorr Smith,Pat Duffus and Brenda Palamentee (sp) We are all STILL in touch on FB in 2023


04/08/23 10:57 AM #80    

Mary Nell Davis (Winslow) (1962)

Happy Birthday to William Hendrickson.  This is Mary Nell "Davis" Winslow.  I was in your 8th and 9th grade class!!

02/19/24 03:27 PM #81    

Mary Nell Davis (Winslow) (1962)

Happy Birthday to Betty Jo from Mary Nell Davis (Winslow).  I was in your 8th and 9th grade class.

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