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02/22/14 07:56 PM #1    

Cherry Baker (Brown)

Welcome to the Haltom High School Class of 1964 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/16/14 09:02 AM #2    

Jo Anna Coffman (Lewis)

So enjoying reading about everyone and their lives.  

Hope to see lots of pictures from the reunion

09/17/14 02:36 PM #3    

Billy Arnold

JoAnne, why are you not coming, would love to see you.

09/18/14 11:44 AM #4    

Jo Anna Coffman (Lewis)

Hey Billy

our grandson races go karts and will be racing for the Texas Pro Kart championship that weekend   Since he is currently in third place he has a very good chance of taking the championship.  

Hate to miss the reunion but he's our only grandchild and we can't miss this.  We sponsor and follow him all over the country for his races

10/13/14 09:48 AM #5    

Bill Shisler

I enjoyed seeing all of the 1964 classmates last weekend.  I was certainly pleased with great job the committee did with organizing and providing great info to all of the classmates.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again at our next get together

Bill Shisler

10/14/14 09:53 AM #6    

Jo Anna Coffman (Lewis)

Hated missing seeing everyone.   Sounds like a great party.   Maybe a 55th can be planned and I can make it.

Our Grandson did finish 2nd in the State so needless to say we were very proud grandparents.


10/14/14 08:54 PM #7    

Dianne Null (Bowman)

I too am disappointed at missing the reunion. I really wanted to be there but my Dad is in the hospital and my place is to be with him. Hey..Bill Shisler..still team penning? I sure miss that.

10/15/14 11:26 AM #8    

Steve Keene

Sorry we missed you Dianne, I remember your great smile. Take care and I hope your Dad is feeling better

10/16/14 10:04 AM #9    

Jo Anna Coffman (Lewis)

Hey everyone as we approach the Holidays don't forget our troops overseas.  As president of our local American Legion Auxiliary we are putting together care packages for our troops.   I ask that you go to your local American Legion Hall or VFW Hall and see if you can help with care packages.

If they are doing it send it to me and we'll use it.   We currently have 70 packages to send at a cost of $15 each.  In addition the troops love getting hand written notes and cards.

Let's not forget what these young people are doing for us.   To you guys who were in the military don't forget what a package from home meant to you.

10/17/14 07:18 PM #10    

Dianne Null (Bowman)

Thank you for the well wishes Steve, we have a long row to hoe but hopefully we will get there. Sure would have loved to see everyone..maybe next time.

Has anyone heard anything from Sue Charboneau-Tomlinson? I lost track of her about 15 years aho.

10/18/14 12:50 AM #11    

Sylvia Barnett (George)

Sorry to have missed the reunion, but since I left to go to Ft. Wth.Christian in the seventh grade and only came back to Haltom for one semester our senior year, wasn't sure I should, however, after hearing all the comments and seeing all the names, most of them were at West Birdville too, it brought back lots of   memories !!  Wish I could have made it, sounds like a great time !!                                                                 I was really good friends with Sue Josey at WB, wondered what ever happened to her...anyone ever heard from her ??  

10/18/14 07:54 PM #12    

Bob Harverstick

And Johnny Phillips.  He was in our class but didn't graduate with us.  ??  Bob

10/20/14 10:50 PM #13    


David Runyon

Hi Gang,

If you have photos to share, or if you wish to download any photos from this site, (especially of the HHS 50th parties at the School, and/or at Billy Arnold's house, October 3rd & 4th, 2014) ..... please use the following "DropBox" link ..... it is a free service. smiley


Dave Runyon

08/02/16 09:20 AM #14    

Don Whitwell

Happy Birthday !

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