About Alumni List


  • The alumni list is a work in progress. Of the  1350 names currently on the list about 1150 are listed by Year of graduation and the rest (for whom graduating year info is not available) are listed under "Year Unknown".
  • All past students & teachers who attended Carmel School, Hazaribag (even for a short time) are eligible to be included in the list.
  • Those who left school before matriculating, will be listed by the year of expected matriculation (i.e. the year they would have matriculated in the normal course, had they continued at Carmel with their classmates)
  • Those who lost a year or two  or received double promotion can choose to be listed with the batch they spent the most time with. 
  • The list includes boys who attended Carmel for their KG/Primary education.
  • Teachers are listed separately under "Teacher Profiles" (top link on the vertical menu bar on the left).
  • The current list is incomplete and may have errors. You can help impove our alumni database by downloading this template and sending us a revised list for your class. For minor errors/ommisions you can let us know by using Contact Us above. 
  • The current list was compiled from various sources, including information submitted by members of the Carmel Hazaribag Facebook Group & alumni registration info submitted at http://carmelhaz.blogspot.com