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08/22/08 08:46 PM #1    

Bethany Edgar (Christenson)

Welcome to the Buffalo Lake-Hector High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/23/08 06:13 PM #2    

Steve Neuman

Thanks again for getting this set up, Beth. I take back all the bad things I've said about the Brainerd Lakes region.

10/12/08 09:12 AM #3    

Linda Fredrickson (Temple)

Steve, oh, how I have missed your comments that are dripping with sarcasm, even in print! Any Top 10 Lists handy?

Beth, this was a great idea! Looking at the list of names again brought back a lot of memories and poor fashion statements!

When is the reunion?

10/22/08 05:58 PM #4    

Bethany Edgar (Christenson)

My understanding is probably sometime between Late July and Mid August of next summer, but maybe Steve or Jordan can comment further?

10/23/08 11:31 AM #5    

Staci Skoog

Good to hear from everyone. This website provides a nice "blast from the Past". It is nice hearing from everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to seeing people at the reunion. Thanks to everyone who has organized ones in the past and thanks to Steve and Jordan with the help of Beth for getting the 20th organized. (I Believe Steve and Jordan were the 2 that "volunteered" for the 20th at the last reunion. If I am unaware of anyone else who is helping and did not list their name... I apologize.) CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS 20 ALREADY??????????????????????????????????

10/31/08 05:10 PM #6    

Lynette Laabs

Thanks Beth for all the hard work in putting together this Website. It brings back many memories seeing names from the past. Have a great day!


11/10/08 09:45 PM #7    

Anita Moore (Messner)

My thanks as well Beth! You have done a great job and I to appreciate all your hard work! I will try to upload some current photos soon.

12/03/08 12:32 PM #8    

Darren Zempel

This is pretty cool, thanks to all who put in the hard work to get it going. Has there been any thought as to how to "publish" this to the class so we can get more people signed up? I found it strictly by chance, or I wouldn't have known anything about it.

Let me know if I can help!


06/30/19 11:04 AM #9    

Donald Torgerson

A little late to get a good turnout.

07/08/19 11:07 PM #10    

Bethany Edgar (Christenson)

Sorry you feel that way DJ. Trying to do the best we can.   I'm sure that volunteers will be needed to plan the next reunion if you are interested ;)   

07/09/19 11:00 AM #11    

Donald Torgerson

Beth, I didn't mean to disrespect all the hard work that you have put into our 30th reunion...its much appreciated. I wouldn't volunteer because there will always be some asshat like me complainingšŸ¤£šŸ¤£

08/07/19 11:39 PM #12    

Sarah Nelson (Nelson)

Sorry to see a lack of interest. If I could go, I would. I've been a bit sad about missing. I hope interest grows and quickly.

Even though I cannot attend, I still want to express my appreciation to you, Beth, for putting this together. I know it's very difficult. Thank you!

08/08/19 07:52 AM #13    

Lynette Laabs

Hi Beth, 

Thanks for putting together the reunion. Seems like yesterday we were at the 25th.  See you all the reunion. 

Lynette Laabs


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