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Larry Coppala
Residing In: Fairdale, KY USA
Spouse/Partner: Sheila
Homepage: see me on facebook
Occupation: Retired U.S. Army Aviation
Children: Keila born 1965 in Chinon France
Leila born 1975 in Heidelberg Germany
Military Service: 22 Years U.S. Army Aviation Viet Nam 1966-67  
Larry Coppala


Yes! Attending Reunion

Well, since retiring I have written and published myself (w/photos) a 400 page book about my life and gave it to our children. Now I'm writing Volume II. So, where to start with comments here...? I moved from my original home in Charlotte NC to Hialeah in 1957 at age 15. I attended Henry H. Filer Jr High and graduated in 1959. It was just Mother and I and we were VERY poor, so I quit school and went to work at age 16. My friends were the Alum of Class of 1962, as I would have been. Working for .55 cents an hour and 72 hours a week at the Billups Gas Station on 4th Ave near HHS, didn't look like what I wanted to spend my life doing. I talked with the Army Recruiter at the 'Burger joint just up the street from HHS several times. Finally I took him up on joining, with Aircraft Mechanics School guaranteed. My plan was to work at Miami Intl Airport after my 3 year hitch was up. I liked the Military AND was successful so I stayed for 22 years. I got my GED in 1962 while in S. Korea. My Mom got it converted to a HHS Diploma while I was still overseas. I married Sheila Strotman from Louisville who moved to Miami in 1961. I met her at the Pizza Palace on 49th Street in Hialeah and married her at my Church in Hialeah, after knowing her only 7 days. Our 49th Anniversary is Aug 19th. I just can't get enough of this girl! We have toured 8 Countries on our motorcycle. We are both Adventurers, and still riding.

School Story:

Anyone remember my arrest (during lunch hour) on the road behind H.H.S.? I think it was 1959. I was driving my Mom's green '57 Chevy with North Carolina plates. Someone had just robbed a dry cleaners on 4th ave and shot a policeman that happened by. The description of the crook and getaway car resembled that of myself and Mom's car. I was thrown on the hood at gunpoint, handcuffed and taken to Hialeah jailhouse. There I was beaten with billy clubs everywhere but my face, until the witness from the dry cleaners arrived. They were so sure they had the right guy. Well, the witness told them I was not the one and that was not the getaway car. Can you guess the content of the apology I got? IF you didn't do this then I apologize for your treatment. BUT I'M not that sure the witness is correct, so I'm going to be keeping my eye on you! I was arrested seven times after that "for suspicion". It finally stopped when they DID catch the guy somewhere else and the witness identified him.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

I would REALLY like to hear from old friends. I live in Louisville KY. I am on FACEBOOK!

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Larry Coppala has a birthday today.
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Hi Sally, I think you are Joan's sister. Remember me and Pete O'neal? We were best friends when we worked at the Billups gas station on 4th Ave back about 1958-59. I tried to communicate with Joan a few years ago but she refused to communicate with me. I had the '56 chevy convertible. Anyway, I'm happily married 52 years come Aug to a girl from Miami named Sheila Strotman. I was hoping Joan or you could help me contact some of our old friends. I joined the Army in Aug 1960 and stayed 22 years and retired from same. We live in Louisville KY. Would be nice to hear from you.

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