Cynthia Jane Whitaker Bernier

Profile Updated: February 17, 2009
Residing In: Dayton, TX USA
Occupation: AT&T telephone operator (retired 1998)
Children: Son, Timothy Smith, miscarried, 1964.

Tammy Jean Smith - born Nov 1966, Died Labor Day, Sept More…1970, drowned, Miramar, FL

Jami Lorraine Smith, born Jan 1970

Lillian Patricia (Trish) Smith, born May 1971
Yes! Attending Reunion

If it wasn't for Mary Ann Adams-Vanetta, I would never be on this site. She is still like a sister to me, after all of these years!

I did not graduate with the class due to marrying Walter Smith (Skeeter, March, 1962.) He joined the Air Force, left for an 18 month duty in Libya, Africa. I chose marriage over graduation. Dumb move! Hindsight is so much easier to choose! Twenty one years later, divorced. Ralph (Chip) French Jr. was my brother-in-law all of those years but due to divorce, I have lost contact with him. I miss Chip!

I did graduate from the School of Hard Knocks. I have not had the fairy tale of Cinderella like so many of you seem to have to this day. I thought being made fun of most of my life for having so many freckles was horrific. Little did I know what life can bring. I should have a book written on my life so if anyone out there is an author, contact me. I have so many stories, heartaches, drama, trauma, laughter, any and every emotion you will ever find. I still have an uncanny sense of humor and I am a survivor.

I started working for Southern Bell as a telephone operator 1962, North Miami and Hialeah. 1977 while searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I transferred sight unseen to Helena, MT with Mountain Bell. Skeeter followed me 4 months later as a repair tech for the phone company. 1982 Divestiture for Ma Bell came in effect. To keep my job, I was forced to learn computerized technology and transfer to Billings, Mt.

A few years later I transferred, SouthWestern Bell in Waxahachie, TX near Dallas-Fort Worth offices. Retired July 1998 with 30 yrs, 2 months.

Been around the block more times than I care to count. 2004 I lived in Seattle, WA area.

2001 Mary Ann Adams-Vanetta contacted me after being apart for over 38 yrs. She had no idea my Tammy had drowned many years before. I was severly depressed, overwhelmed so it took me awhile to let her know about my life. Today she is like a sister to me! I am so blessed and thankful to God for her love. Today my life is an open book and I hold my head high. I am proud of the woman and person I have become through all of my trials and tribulations. Guess there's something to us old Thoroughbreds after all!

Name changes? You don't even want to know. :)

School Story:

School was never my favorite, yet I do have fond memories of many classmates. Sad to read of those who have passed on.

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