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HPHS Missing Classmates

Where in the World are these Classmates

 The following is a list of missing classmates. 

 We'd love to get either their email, telephone number or street address. We need any information you might have on them.

  • Did they have any siblings whose names you can provide to us which might help us with our search?

  • Do you know what city or state they may have lived in? If we believe we know the state, you will find it in parens.

  • Whether they got married and took on another last name? 

  • What school or university they attended after high school?


Earl Campbell (AZ)

Pam Clevenger (KY)

Linda Louise Dedeaux Gladden (VA)

Claire Edwards (NJ)

Elizabeth Nadine Hardin McCombs (TX)

Patricia Ann Hayes (?) 

Robert Hull Jr. (FL)

Ken Kopenhaver (NJ)

Gary Levine (FL)

Ross MacKenzie (CT)

Christene Nickerson Kenney (DE)

Lloyd Rosenberg (IL)

Allan "Shelley" Schwartz (NJ)


If you can provide us with information on any of these classmates, please contact Debbie at demiller4216@yahoo.com.