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Profile Updated: September 13, 2014
Where do you live now? Columbia Falls, Montana
What are you doing these days? Damn lawyer.
Do you have a website for us to see your work?
Children? Grandchildren? Pets?: Henry, 17, lacrosse player and smartass.
Ava, 14, singer and supreme arbiter of what is fair.
Eddie More…Mae, 9, happiest little girl in the world.
Have you served in the military? Please tell us which branch, where and for how long. Columbia Falls, MT USA
Yes! Attending Reunion
Single, Divorced, Going Steady, Married? To whom and for how long?

Married. Married married married. Decades.

Who was your favorite high school teacher:

Greg Harris.

If you could go back to high school and change something, or do something over, what would that thing be?

I think I left my Clash t-shirt in my locker. Love to have that back. Also, I've been on the School Board for a dozen years or so, in retrospect, I would have gone much easier on the administration every time they suspended me.

Where have you lived in the years since graduating?

Denver, Fort Collins, Missoula, Great Falls, Hungry Horse (yep) and Columbia Falls

What do you like to do for fun these days?

Well that's just depressing.

Who is someone you haven't seen since high school that you would really like to see at this reunion?

Grateful Dead. Somebody make it happen.

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