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04/03/12 01:06 PM #1    

Joyce Richmond (Kinsey)

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08/08/21 07:53 AM #2    

Joe Hanlin

Any news of a reunion in Vegas? 

08/15/21 12:30 PM #3    


John McCance

Aloha Joe, at this point in time I have no plans to attempt to organize something in 2021. Once Covid D subsides, I am willing to plan a mini-reunion in Vegas in 2022.

Mahalo, John

08/16/21 02:33 PM #4    

Ed Salyer

I would very much wish to attend in 2022. I'm not at all sure however who will know me.

08/16/21 03:13 PM #5    

Patty Dee (Cook)

I'm willing to attend a mini reunion in Vegas in 2022 - of course providing we're in a better status relating to Covid variant D (and/or the new one going around). Aloha all, Patty

08/17/21 02:08 PM #6    


Trisha Dolan

I'm with Ed. I have idea how many people will know me. Having been a Military Dependant, I've moved a lot even in adulthood, not maintaining very many HS friendships. I would consider attending a reunion in 2022. Keep me posted. Thank you all

08/18/21 09:34 PM #7    

Gordon Mears

I'm sure I will be at best vaguely remembered, but my wife is much more inetrested in the type of folks who survived me in high school... so 2022 is of interest particularly for her :-)

08/19/21 09:26 AM #8    


Trisha Dolan

Gordon, I'm sure you have some great stories. You were always fun to be around. Your comments on your profile triggered some HS memories. Thank you. I had forgotten that I was in the Key Club. 

08/19/21 09:29 AM #9    

Ronalda Jay (Nakapaahu)

Aloha, don't worry about if you'll be remembered,. It's fun to see people from high school and meeting them. You're gonna make new memories and get to know everyone even more than the old days!  Hope we can see everyone in 2022 😁

08/19/21 01:10 PM #10    


John McCance

You all are remembered, that is one of the positives about our class, we all blended well. I will look at a mini in 2022. It would be a Friday night mixer, Sat night dinner, Sunday brunch, with guests invited to all events. Day trip sign ups for Saturday.

08/19/21 06:07 PM #11    

Joe Hanlin

Yes everyone matters and we are all Ohama.  I can't wait to meet up with everyone and talk about the old/fun days at Radford and Hawaii. 

08/20/21 07:51 AM #12    


Trisha Dolan

You guys are amazing! Thank you for your welcoming comments. It will be fun to get to know everyone again! Look forward to 2022 reunion updates. 

08/20/21 08:39 AM #13    


Lawrence Margitich

FOr sure, I remember each one of you, and very frequently think back. I was only at Radford for the senior year, and have sadly missed all the reunions, but, I'd gladly come to the next one. 

08/21/21 08:45 PM #14    

Edward Babas

Gordon Mears, it has been a long time since I have heard that name. Hope you are doing well

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