60th Reunion -"A BIG ONE" Be there or be square.

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Our 60th Homecoming - "A Big One" 

This event occurred during Homecoming week in September 2019.

Houston High School

Class of 1959

By Deloyd Atkinson

The graduating class of 1959 has seen a tremendous amount of history and many technological advances in the 60 years since we left high school.   Many of us went on to obtain more knowledge through college degrees in many of the academics such as teachers in many of the different fields, others went on to professional careers such as lawyers, medicine, some joined the military, others farmers and business owners, police officers, blue-collar workers so on and so forth. Some of our class have gone on to achieve honors in their fields of endeavor by hard work over the 60 years after our graduation, to those i applaud.

But who among us could have foreseen what the future would bring us?  For example, the advances in medicine vaccines, organ transplants, many others too numerous to mention.  The advances in electronics from the old wall phones we all had to the small cell phones we now use every day to talk thousands of miles without telephone lines. Putting a man on the moon.  The microwave where we can cook a meal in a few minutes, hearing aids so small you cannot tell someone has them, computers small enough to hold in your hands, cameras and videos, TVs large part-time to fill an entire wall.  These are just some of the many advances we have seen in the last 60 years there are much more too numerous to list here. Most of us are retired now, and i for one cannot figure out how i did some of the things i did when i was working don’t have enough time to do half of them now.   I for one still work sometimes, and i am a part-time worker for FEMA when a disaster happens such as the hurricanes it is amazing how they can predict the path they take, like the path Maria took when it devastated Puerto Rico that was a mess, I spent some time there in old San Juan.  This new one we just had Dorian was worse a cat 5. I will probably be going to work as a disaster center manager when I get back home. Enough about me.

Sadly some of our class are not with us, those we will miss. Some have lost wives and husbands, and children over the years but we endure as the world goes on.  What will come about in the next 60 years?  I cannot say, but I assure you it will be amazing. I want to say thanks to the ones who have come today for our 60th class reunion and as we leave here to go back to our homes and families, may the next years be great for all of us and may God be with us all. Thank you.