Missing Classmates

Missing Classmates are those who have not yet logged into their profile on this webpage.  

If you have accurate contact information for any of these individuals, send it on to Warren@dovetail-designs.com, or select their name below to send them an email and encourage them to log into our class website and catch up on what is going on.


Patty Albarran
Bill Babcox
Bob Blaney
Madonna Brock
Tom Brock
Karen Coen (Flynn)
Norm Colby
Kim Collins (Januzzi)
Eric Ernstene
Tony Gingo
Jim Glenn
Wolfgang Guba
Dan Haghighi
Julie Hanna
Dave Hannah
Chris Johnson
Marc Johnson
Jim Lah
Dave Lerner
Greg Lester
John Mauk
Steve Messinger
Loren Michel
Hal Mueller
Guy Parsons
Laurie Plecha (Ewing)
Matt Riley
John Rundell
John Theis
Steven Tofan
Denise Vaughn