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Bruce Nichols

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02/05/16 02:18 PM #1    

Victor Yehling

Bruce was one of the quiet ones among the more active group at Southwest. He was a good student and a member of various organizations, but he also enjoyed a quiet conversation.

I bumped into him on one of my visits to Kansas City in the 1970s while my parents still lived there and we talked for about a half hour -- mostly memories of Southwest and the people we both knew.

Bruce wound up in the Philadelphia area and got involved in good food and good beer. He was a founder of Philly Beer Week -- a festival which continues to be held -- and designed and started a restaurant not too long before he passed away from leukemia.

Here's a link to an article in the Phliadeplhia Inquirer just after he died:


03/15/16 01:40 PM #2    

Janette Brown (Brown)

Bruce is a guy I knew from gradeschool: high integrity, creative and proactively curious about the world.

One year, when the Great Peace March was walking cross-country, just before our 30th reunion, I decided to walk with them from Nebraska to Missouri in time to attend. A month or so later, I flew to D.C. to join the march at the captial; and Bruce and his wife put me up. He graciously invited me to his elegant restaurant. The food was amazing.

My tidbit memory: He and David Bean were fellow thespians; and they both had the knack. in the operetta, in which Bruce played the town mayor, he droppped one of his lines __ just went blank. So I faked something and fed him a line back into the dialogue. He loved me for that; but he was slick enough to be able to think on his feet and pick up where he'd left off. Bright and interesting. I will miss seeing him.

07/14/16 12:11 PM #3    

Janette Brown (Brown)


Thank you for this, Victor. Great shot of a good guy:

08/13/16 12:20 AM #4    

Janenne Elton

When we were in grade school together I thought he shot the Moon. I think we were only in 5th grade. I still have a photograph of myself and Chuck Cooper outside of Border star.

12/15/16 02:18 PM #5    

Susan Sanders (Bizeau)

I was unable to go to the reununion but am excited to have lunch today in Ashland, Oregon with Dick Voss and John Wilkinson. I needed to bone up on high school info so went on this great website today. Landed here on Bruce's page. Want to share a few memories:

I grew up with Bruce. We lived on the same block during elementary school and only a few blocks from each other when both our parents moved to bigger houses. Our parents were best friends and we shared sooo many activites. We put on endless "plays" with the other 20 odd kids in the neighborhood backyard. I was ususally leading lady, Bruce was either the villain or the romantic leading man. We had our first date together...we dressed up and walked to Katz Drug store for a hamburger and cherry coke. I think we were about 11 years old. He paid. I think we were in about 3rd - 4th grade! We always thought it would be cool if we fell in love, married and kept the families cemented together. Alas, it was a good friendship not a romance. He sent a telegram to me on the day of my wedding. He was living in France at the time. It said" "The birds of France are singing today. Love, Bruce". What a man! Miss him.

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