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 Current  High School


 Office Area

Yes, Ben DeBaets picture is still on the wall in the principals office.


 Joe Greeno Field

New artifical turf and state of the art track.We still play football under the lights at UNK.

   The sign says it all ! Invincible track titans !
   Sunrise Middle School east of the cemetery in a new section of Kearney.

 Look familiar? Central Elementary the old Junior High . All it needs is Donald Prather (principal ) standing on the steps .


 How many generations have passed through these doors? Now the home of Merryman Arts Center in addition to Cental .


 The multi million dollar face of Merryman at the rear of our old Junior High .


 The parking lot is where Longfellow High stood and the Manual Arts building .

   Our P. E. field has this sign for Merryman.
   The old Blue Bell building is now a Spa and furnace store .

 The post office we knew is now the Museum of Nebraska Art .Culture you know!


 Bico's today on west hwy 30.


 Statue which stood in the middle of HWY 30 is now moved to the MONA parking lot


 Kaufman & Wernerts is now Kaufman Center with ABC drug store, cafe and small shops with a basement full of antiques run by Dick Cepel


 City Hall not much different.


 The old bowling alley is now Kearney Central Community College.  Kent Smallcomb ran the bowling alley for many years


World Theatre closed recently 


Fort Theatre is now a dentist office 


South end of hospital looks pretty much the same 


West end of hospital pretty new . The city is full of doctors of many specialties.


North end of hospital now the entrance .  World class regional hospital


New entrance with air care helicopter on roof 


 New  Youth Activity Center at Harmon Park  (old one torn down same spot)


South side with the fountain soon to be restored this Spring 


Harmon  park Light House in the rock garden


Harmon Pool in February of 2009 









 August 2008 50 year class reunion