Kenmore West Class of 1967

50 years of catching up!

Share with us what you've been doing



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1)   Where do you live now and over the years?

2)   What did you do after high school and what are you doing now?

3)   Are you married?and have kids and/or grand kids?

4)   What are your fondest memories of high school? (Secret crush, embarrasing moments, funnist thing you did in school, favorite hangout, favorite teachers, etc.)

5)   What is your least favorite memory of high school?

6)   What do you do to relax and have fun?

7)   Do you have any Prom memories?

8)   Have you any memories of special events in your life you'd like to share?

9)   Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn't; danced your heart out; watched the sunrise with someone; skinny dipped out doors; been kissed under the mistletoe; gone on a blind date; lived one of your dreams?

Do you have any favorite places to visit? drinks? sports? food? movies? music?
10)   Do you have any words of wisdom or favorite quotes?