Dear Classmates Enrolled on website.

There has been some confusion regarding "Missing Classmates" located on our website.  These missing classmates are only "missing" from the website itself. In other words they have not registered on the website.  The majority of those classmates "missing' on the website are located in our class data base.  These classmates have also received an invitation to the reunion and many are responding in the affirmative.  We hope to soon list the many classmates that will be in attendance at the reunion.  If you have any questions please contact us.

If you move, please log on and update your contact information - especially email address.  That will ensure that the next reunion information gets to you and you don't end up on the Missing Classmates List.
Our plan is to keep this website up and running and use it as a communication tool for future reunions, so please be sure to keep the website address handy!    
This website is for all of us!  To get the most out of it, please be sure to register (it's FREE) so you can use all the features possible. NOTE: Changes are made regularly so please keep checking back... and don't forget to direct all of our classmates here too or send us their information, e-mail, etc.  Your contact information will be used for our upcoming gatherings, so please register so we can find you.