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James Rossa Jr.
Residing In: Hot Springs, AR USA
Children: James III Born May 25, 1982
Lives in Yuma, AZ
Jenifer (Strube) Born August 18, 1984
More… Lives in Palestine, TX

Violet and Lawrence Strube
Born February 2, 2005
(Fraternal twins)
Diane Strube
Born September 12, 2012
Living in Texas (Toooooo far away!)
Military Service: U.S. Air Force (9 yrs)  
Occupation: Retired (Disability) (Legally Blind)
Yes! Attending Reunion
The farthest I've been from home:


My favorite type(s) of music:



Stay Tuned

School Story:

Let's see what I remember:

Losing my very first REAL girlfriend (Sharon Warner) in 10th grade after being together for a year and a half.

Meeting my wife to be/ex-wife (Joan Ostrowski) in Miss Magada's English class.

Going 'STREAKING' one night with a couple of my buddies and then hearing about 'our' neighborhood streakers on the bus Monday morning on the way to school. If they only knew who it was!!

Bouncing my leg in Solberg's Math class in the Annex causing the windows to shake, vibrate and make noise in the classroom.

Driver's Ed out at Tremper's parking lot and then FINALLY getting my driver's license!!

Driving my motorcycle in the middle of WINTER and crashing into a curb at a gas station and flying off the bike and landing right into a snow bank. Kevin Lindstrom was riding on the back of my bike with me and when we landed in the snow bank, he STILL had his arms around my waste! Only if America's Funniest Home Videos was around then, hey?

Being one of the first to be able to hack into another's computer and send a message in Cibrario's Computer Math Class. Someone would be typing their work on to the computer when all of a sudden the computer would stop and print "Stop hitting my keys so hard. It's hurting me!" I could send messages from my computer to another and no one would know where it was coming from. Didn't take long to get caught.

Winning First Place as a Sportswriter in Southeastern Wisconsin when I was the Sports Editor of the Inferno.

Doing a Karate demonstration at half-time at the basketball game for Coach Chatman.

Appearing in a picture in the Kenosha News when I was marching to protest for building a new high school in Kenosha.

Walking down to Lakefront Stadium half dressed in our football uniforms so we could finish dressing when we got to the field for practice.

Starting on the Varsity Football Team as a junior and earning my letter that year.

Winning Bradford's Homecoming Game my senior year after it hadn't been won in many years! Tony Griffin and I hugged each other and even had tears in our eyes because after playing ball together for season after season and losing so many games, THAT win was a very meaningful win to us. I believe we only won 2 games that year but the Homecoming win was the best!

Being able to stare up and see every gym ceiling we wrestled under when I was on the wrestling team as a heavyweight.

Getting knocked out cold after being hit in the head with a shot put while practicing indoors at the school. We would shoot the shot put up the stairwell and then have to go up and get it to bring it back down and shoot again. We figured if we rolled it down the hand rail and catch it when it gets to the bottom, we'd save a lot of time and energy. We didn't realize that the end of the hand rail at the bottom of the stairs angled up about 45 degrees and when the shot reached that spot, it flew up and hit me right in the head and knocked me out. Boy, was I dedicated to my sport or what.

After being a jackass in school for 12 years, graduating as an Honor Grad from Mary D. Bradford High School.

Missing the class picnic at Pet's after graduation as I was on a plane headed towards Basic Training in Texas for the U.S. Air Force.


Performing 'Live' in the NUDE with Gino Covelli at our 25 yr reunion at the Brat Stop. Boy, the looks on some of the faces and the comments we received made it well worth the while! I got to sing the parodies I wrote for the reunion and even got to sing the O.J. song I wrote that was played on radio stations in Milwaukee, Chicago and Kenosha during the trial back in '95. Too bad if you missed it. Maybe we could play the video at the 30 yr reunion if anyone is interested in seeing it.

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James Rossa Jr. Jim has a birthday today. New comment added.
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Happy 55th Bro! :)

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Hey Kevin Happy Birthday! 55 and still alive. Hey! Hey!

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Just noticed you had a birthday recently. Happy Belated Birthday. Hope all went well. Is there a way to receive a notice when a classmate has a birthday? My best to you and your family, Jim

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Hey Kevin, bought that time of year to say Happy Birthday. So how's live been treating you? All OK? One of these days I'm going to try to head out to your coast. Maybe we'll get together then. You coming back here any time soon? Take care bud, Jim