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•   Peter Lachapelle  4/28
•   Christopher Dahlberg (Dahlberg)  9/7
•   Tara Gascoigne (Schweninger)  8/8
•   Jon Viola  2/25
•   Buffy Steigman  2/11
•   Sheri Allard (Merrill)  2/11
•   Betty Rombalski (Turner)  2/11
•   Dina Flannery  2/10
•   Cher Schoettler (McQuirter)  12/16
•   Dennis Padek  10/13
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1 lives in Alabama
4 live in Arizona
4 live in California
1 lives in Colorado
11 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
10 live in Illinois
1 lives in Indiana
1 lives in Iowa
1 lives in Louisiana
1 lives in Maryland
1 lives in Michigan
4 live in Minnesota
2 live in Missouri
2 live in New Mexico
4 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
2 live in Oregon
6 live in Texas
1 lives in Washington
190 live in Wisconsin
146 location unknown
14 are deceased


•   Todd Jenewein  7/23
•   Jennifer Mau (Schmaling)  7/23
•   Damian Valentine  7/23
•   Nicole Zizzo (Schmaling)  7/23
•   Jean Rawlings (Murawski)  7/25
•   Pamela Rusch (Del Frate)  7/25
•   Kristina Stratton  7/25
•   Christopher Dahlberg (Dahlberg)  7/31
•   Stephanie Raymaker (Woodward)  7/31
•   Christiane Donohue  8/1
•   Ronald Lasco  8/3
•   Jeffery Michaud  8/4
•   Troy Booker  8/5
•   Evette Sapp (Sapp-Nasr)  8/8
•   Lori Maloney (Kurz)  8/10
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!

Welcome to the Bradford High Class Of 1989 web site. This web site is for all of us! The class of 1989. To get the most out of it, please be sure to register (it's FREE) so you can use all the features possible.


Please update your email addresses!  Emails are sent out by this site to inform you of events and information.  We are receiving many bounced back emails.  Thank you!

We are about 2 years away from our 30th reunion.  Time is flying!  It's time to start thinking of what we want to do.  Your input is helpful and wanted.  Your time to help plan is also wanted.  If you want something different done please step up and help get it done.


NOTE: Changes are made regularly so please keep checking back... and don't forget to direct all of our classmates here too! Your contact information will be used for our FUTURE reunions, if you missed this past weekend you have a few years to get ready for the next one. Lots of people had pleasant surprises this weekend, many people went to the various functions and there are pictures flowing. 

Hopefully we can get a good composite of pictures posted at the newly established BRADFORD89 Photobucket site. If someone can tell me if they join... can other people make changes like adding titles to photos?  Don  did a lot of scanning and renaming all 275 scans for him would suck.

Membership is free if your want to join the group and add photos, I can not make albums in the group section though so they will be all in one big folder.

Picture from our 20th class reunion. this is a link to the slide show of the folder, it could take you a while to view it but its worth a shot if you have a while.


We have a new classmate profile format.  I sent an email with a link to a video to help you set it up.  Please make sure you have a current email on file.




Some classmates are missing from the class list.  Why?

We do not have a list from the school and could not get a class list when making this web site.  The school does not have a list of students that attended Bradford in 89.  How easy is it to correct this problem? Very!  Just contact us: I will add you instantly if I remember you or it may take a phone call to another classmate that remembers you.  Please let us know if you are missing from the list we/I would like to hear from you and about you. 

Thank you!!!!  Thank you!!!!  Thank you!!!!  I would like to thank everyone who took part in our 20th reunion and helped make it a weekend to remember!!!!!  I would like to also thank the committee for getting together as often as we did to put it all together.  Whether it was one meeting or all of them, your input and hard work helped, thank you!!!!!  Thank you to everyone who came from long distance to get together again.  Thank you to the spouses that had to walk into a room where they knew no one and joined in with the fun.  Thank you to everyone who took pictures and posted them somewhere on the internet!!!  I could go on and on with the thank you's but I will stop for now!!!! 

OK, now that we all had such a good time at the 20th reunion,how about the 21st???  21st???  How about Vegas for 21????? and every year after that lets go to a different destination!!!!!  3 or 4 days of R&R !!!!  Come on lets pack our bags!!!  What do you guys think?????

Thanks once again

Love ya,


I would like to say Thanks to Scott Lofton for his help with the web site.  Thanks Bro!

Your contact information will be used for our 25 year class reunion, the only mailing list you will be on will be for the reunion and future class events.

Please post your favorite memories of our friends that have passed under the "In Memory" tab.