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04/11/10 05:16 PM #11    


Linda Starr (Nedry)

Hi John: I don't know how to go about finding our high school transcripts, but am curious now that you mention it & will try to do some research into it from here, I'll call Tremper & try to find out if someone there knows. I'll ask the Reunion Committee members on Tues. night when we meet, maybe one of them might know more about it then I do. Hope I can find something out for you, perhaps someone else on this Message Forum will respond also. Great to hear from you. Linda

06/02/10 04:35 PM #12    

Michael J. Rosko



Mike Rosko here.  was going through the list of classmates and came across Robert Bauers.  I work in the Kenosha County Veterans Office and by our records Robert J. Bauers who was born January 25, 1947 passed away in North Chicago VA Medicla Center on January 7, 2008.  I am almost sure that this is the same Robert Bauers you have in the classmate list - I had talked to him in my office for many years up to his death. 

06/03/10 02:48 PM #13    


Linda Starr (Nedry)

Dear Mike:  Thanks so much for the information on Robert Bauers.  I checked in the current Kenosha phone book & Robert Bauers is still listed there at the address that we have in his record so I called & left a message for someone to call me back.  The invitations to the reunion were mailed this week so an invitation was mailed to Robert Bauers, I'll receive it back if it is undeliverable for any reason.  I'll wait for one or the other of these things to happen before I actually place him as deceased on the In Memory Page on the site - I will of course post your information as soon as I know it is correct.  I do appreciate your follow-through & am so glad you are up & running on the website, just keep checking & get back to me again with anything else that you discover about our classmates.  Linda Starr Wilda


06/18/10 03:08 PM #14    


Linda Starr (Nedry)

Dear Classmates:

I've started to receive responses to our mailing of the Invitation/Registration Form for our 45th Reunion.  Along with all of your expected Positive YES responses I'll attend, unfortunately I receive sad news.  Today I received the notification of the death of Robert Bauers as Mike Rosko had indicated earlier.  If any of you know of a Classmate whose name should be placed on the "In Memory" page, please let me know.  Thanks so much for your help.  See you in Sept. at "OH, WHAT A NIGHT!".  Linda Starr Wilda

08/02/10 08:10 PM #15    

Robin Stauder (Pederson)

Maybe we should get some discussion about politics going since we are the 1st wave of the BABYBOOMERS.  The ones that can change everything.  The children that were given everything by their parents that their parents didn't have.  Given the chance to focus on education and making this world a better place for all people and living things. 

Right now I am embarrassed about the governor of MN, Pawlenty.  He is full of scare tactics for those who don't know better.  He is all for the previous status quo before Obama and sure doesn't want to see any support for health care for all of us workerbees, or help for the environment. 

Previously MN was one of the better states with lots of programs to give those less fortunate people educational support and a boost up.  10 years ago, MN had really good services for families and children along with a fine educational system. 

In his slashing and cutting, he has cut money from the schools, cut services for the poor and sick (those folks that have a hard time speaking up for themselves), while he courts Big Business money, radical conservatives and the Tea party movement.   Then he wonders why the drop out rate, gang problems and killings continue to escalate expediential, of wait a minute he doesn't care because he is out campaigning outside of MN.  

So how are things in your state?





03/02/15 12:52 PM #16    


Rosary Brandofina (McQUESTION)

John, here's a website that explains the history of the school:


03/17/15 09:52 PM #17    

Charles Gray

I would like to attend the upcoming 50 year reunion and would appreciate any info on signing up for It Thank youfor your work maintaing this webpage-----Chuck GrayI   I

03/18/15 10:10 AM #18    

Walter Glerum

Linda, you said that invitations have been mailed out. I have not recieved one. maybe I'm a bit premature in asking, but I sure don't want to miss it. thanks  wally

04/01/15 07:09 AM #19    

Bob Callahan

I believe Tim is living in Northern Minnesota, dont know where but i was told this a couple of years ago.

04/01/15 09:39 AM #20    

Walter Glerum

Bob Callahan, I don't know anything about Tim, but if you are at the 50th, I want to tell you about something you did in Jr. high school that made me laugh, and I have always remembered!!!!!  Wally Glerum

04/01/15 02:04 PM #21    

Gary Anderson

I knew Tim Fechner.  I believe that he had a bar out on Highway 31 by "Pets".  Later, on 60th Street off of 22nd Avenue, he had a bar "Fech's.  He then moved "Fech's" to downtown, on 6th avenue (near Mayer Drug) in the space that was "Ruby's" bar & restaurant.  If this is the same Tim Fechner, I regret to inform you that he passed away several years ago.    

04/01/15 02:12 PM #22    

Judy Bleashka (Bilotti)

As for Tim I'm not sure but Gary posted about him owning a bar downtown---that was Mike Fechner not Tim and Mike did pass away a few years back.

04/01/15 02:22 PM #23    

Gary Anderson

Judy, you are correct.  It was Mike Fechner.

06/29/15 12:17 PM #24    

Georgia Wood (Wasmundt)

Enjoy reading anything about the great group of 1965. Thankful for the many blessings in my life!

07/02/16 05:37 AM #25    

John Wells

Hello everyone,

Noticed that no one chats here anymore, but just wanted to thank the committee for the super job they did on our 50th reunion.  It was a night that I will not soon forget.  I knew I needed a reason to go back to Kenosha all the way from Japan, and the reunion got me there.  Our son flew me back to Japan First Class from O'Hare and that was a neat experience.  Stay healthy everyone and thanks for the Boat House and the 50th reunion.  It was a SUPER time.  

And to add, how about some of you visiting Japan.  I would love to show you around!


John Wells

07/03/16 11:38 AM #26    

Allen Rothman (Rothman)

Hi John,

I enjoyed reading your comments and totally agree with your assessment of our 50th class reunion.  As always, our reunion committee does a great job of organizing this event, and you would think that with three high schools being involved, more classmates would show up.

I am sure that many of us who attend the reunions wish that many more of our classmates that we have fond memories of decided to attend the reunions.  When you see what is going on in this world and how many of our values and traditions have been lost, you realize what a great generation we were fortunate to be a part of.

Since many people use e-mail addresses instead of using this forum, perhaps we could publish a listing of known addresses so we could try to keep in touch with these people.  Many of our classmates like Bruce Deguire use Facebook, and that is how many of us are able to communicate with many of the people that we knew back in Kenosha.

It certainly would be terrific to visit you in Japan since I just renewed my passport, and after travelling Europe, Australia, and Alaska, Japan would be a great destination in areas where there are no earthquakes.

I wish everyone a great 4th of July weekend, and hope that your health and your families are enjoying their lives. For those of us who are battling cancer and other health problems, may God bring you healing and his many blessings. 

Allen Rothman,, 262-853-9947

957 E. Loos Street Hartford, Wisconsin 53027

07/03/16 10:52 PM #27    

Judy Bleashka (Bilotti)


Hi Guys (John and Allen),  As a committee member for the reunion, I must say that I am glad that you enjoyed yourself and I was so glad to see and talk with both of you.  There were a lot of wonderful memories made that night that should hold us for a while.  I organize a gathering of class of '65 while in AZ. and look forward to that every year also---still trying to find a few that I know are out there in AZ. full time.  There is also a group of us gals that try and get togehter about once a year or so---those "old" friends are the best and some of us go back all the way to grade school.  See you again on Facebook,  Judy



07/07/16 05:30 PM #28    

Don Jacobson

Hi, John.  Thanks for dusting off the cobwebs from this '65 chat room - from Japan!  It was good seeing you last year at the Boathouse.  Unfortunately, I could not make the main event on Saturday night since I had to be in Washington, D. C. for my niece's wedding (daughter of my brother, Tremper '67). However, I've heard great things about the reunion, have seen the DVD and agree that the organizing committee did a fabulous job which we all sincerely appreciated.

Best wishes to you and your family, and hope to see you again sometime in the future.

Don "Jake" Jacobson


07/08/16 10:42 AM #29    


Jim Haubrich

I agree that the 50th reunion was a well planned and successful event, especially because all three high schools participated.  We are heading back to Kenosha in August for my wife's (Ruthanne) 50th reunion from St. Joseph, but it will only be for that school.  I think the attendees will miss a great opportunity to connect with the many friends they have that attended Bradford and Tremper.  Thanks again to Judy Bilotti for organizing the small Phoenix contingent of '65 graduates. 

07/08/16 12:30 PM #30    

James Rowen

I agree and add my thsnkd for a great reunion.  The 50th was my first and I hope not my last.  I did get to touch base with some folks who call Colorado home.


Jim Rowen

07/18/16 11:11 PM #31    

Judy Bleashka (Bilotti)

We just lost another classmate last week.  For those of you who knew Chuck Marcoe just wanted you to know that he passed away last week while on a "road trip" with friends---riding his motorcycle.  Keep his wife Sue Greco Marcoe in your thoughts and prayers.  If you did not know Chuck, you missed out on knowing a sweet, caring, funny guy.

09/19/19 05:02 PM #32    

James Sorensen

I was not able to attend the 50th but just got a note from Linda in re the 55th.  From what I remember of the Class of '65 I'm kind of surprised that someone didn't pick something a bit more random, like a 54th reunion.  Ah well.

If someone will sign me up and send me the skinny (do we still say "skinny?") I'd like to see if I can fit it into my terribly busy schedule of sittting on the front porch with a glass of wine while staring into space and, later, sitting on the back porch snoring softly with a glass of wine.

As to when to have the get together, I'm in NC from about May through Oct and that's an easier drive than from FL so I vote for sometime between June 01 and 15 Oct..  Is that selfish?

I'll look forward to getting something at either:

1062 River Run Road

Banner Elk, NC - 28604  (Until 01 Nov)


1361 NW 7th Street

Boca Raton, FL - 33486

Jim Sorensen  (They used to call me JL...and other things)

561 445 3269



01/19/20 02:37 PM #33    

James Sorensen

We're through the holidays and it's hard to believe that the 55 reunion is only 8 months away.  It seems like it should be farther out! I remember writing a note to Linda Nedry and thinking that the proposed reunion was away in the foggy distance of Autumnal 2020...and here we are. By the time I figure out how to send this it'll be time to leave for the trip!

I am one of what I hope will be many who will be coming from out of town and was wondering if a "Reunion Hotel" had been selected?  Personally, I'm not fussy but a restaurant and bar would be nice.  I know there is a Doubletree near the discount center on I-94 that was least it was in 2001 when I had my Dad's funeral there.

Please also help me in case I'm on the wrong website.  I'm not very good at this and need all the help I can get!


Best to all


561 445 3269





01/26/20 11:21 AM #34    

James Sorensen

My wife and I are planning to be there for this reunion.  The last one we went to was the 10 year so it's been a while.  I suspect that some of you have changed a little.
At this time, we're looking at the Stella Hotel if only because it has a restaurant and bar.  
It's interesting to me that it was also the Elk's Club in Kenosha for many years.  I was the First Floor Porter there in the early 1960's while in High School.  I wore a suit and tie and had a red vest.  I carried messages in the silver tray and brought members drinks if they were in the Billards Room or the TV Lounge even though I was underage!
Remember, us Tremper kids went to HS in the early morning in the Bradford building which left all afternoon and us downtown already to get jobs.  I'd like to see the old place those days it was very elegant and so was I.  Now...not so much!
It's early I know but I'd appreciate it if any other "out of towners" might be considering that hotel and would let me know either here or at and we can plan on a cocktail or something together.
Jim Sorensen
561 445 3269  

04/07/21 10:21 AM #35    

John Jones

Evidently I have missed the 55th, I assumed everything was cancelled due to Covid.

Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to Paul Walker?  We were friends at Pleasant Prarie and when I went to  Lincoln,  Bradford and then Tremper I lost contact.    If you have any info on Paul, drop me a line: .

                                                                                 Yes, I remember the shifts, but seems like I went to the afternoon shift as I was wonking on Barter's Dairy Farm each morning;  I loved every minute of it.



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