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•   Denise Hastings (Ring)  2/25
•   Bennie Blalock  2/27
•   Marty Parrish  3/6
•   Marcia Hayes (Varner)  3/7
•   Sherry Boyles ((Class Of '73))  3/8
•   Gayle Swayngim (Payne)  3/8
•   Gwen O'Brien (Shields)  3/9
•   Debby Royall (Loggins)  3/9
•   Leigh Lewis (Underwood)  3/12
•   Robin Slater (Broadstreet (Class Of '73))  3/12
•   Marguerite Epps  3/13
•   Donald Fields  3/17
•   Linda VanHoy (Lewis)  3/17
•   Gray Gordon  3/18
•   Carolyn Greenwood (Flynt)  3/19
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1 lives in Alabama
3 live in California
4 live in Florida
2 live in Georgia
1 lives in Illinois
1 lives in Louisiana
1 lives in Maryland
1 lives in Missouri
1 lives in New Mexico
184 live in North Carolina
2 live in Ohio
3 live in South Carolina
3 live in Tennessee
3 live in Texas
4 live in Virginia
1 lives in Manitoba
1 lives in Ontario
1 lives in Switzerland
312 location unknown


•   Wallace Shields  2023
•   Debbie York  2023
•   Karen Bell  2023
•   Barry McGee  2023
•   Kim Owens  2023
•   Pat Joyce (Hisamoto)  2022
•   Hank Parnell  2021
•   Tony Kirkman  2021
•   Eleanor Ross ((teacher))  2021
•   Ottoway Harrison  2017
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  Welcome to the EFHS Class of 1972 website. 
laughIf assistance is needed with the site, contact EF '73 Irma Wilson Comer (site admin) @


Psalm 116:15  Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints

(Memorial albums have been created in the Family obituary link for each name noted below)

Jan. 7,2024:  On Jan 6., I  heard the somber news of the Nov. 26, 2023 death of our classmate Debbie York.   Another belated death notice was received Jan 7 informing me of the July 27, 2023 death of our classmate Wallace Shields.  See the In Loving Memory link at top of the homepage.

December 2:  Prayers requested for Kathy Harrell and her family. Kathy's mother died Nov. 30.   



  Oct. 31: 

An anonymous '72 Eagle has a challenge to all readers:

​​Help cover the costs associated with providing this site, free of Google ads, and with enough vault space to allow for unlimited photos and other entries.  
A 3 year subscription is currently the longest subscription available and the challenge from this 'mystery' Eagle is to generate the $$$ to cover 3 years.

This individual is  kicking off a 'giving campagain" with a $100 donation.
  (A subscription to Class Creator can be monthly,  or the following increments): 

6 months for $120

1 year $220

2 years $390

3 years $495

This site was launched over 13 years ago, and continues to be visited frequently by classmates.  It'll remain up as long as there's interest.   

 It would be great to purchase a 3 year subscription.  Contact me at the email below if you would like to donate.   Once an amount  is reached to support a 3 year subscription , well put you on a list to help out at the end of the 3 year period. 

Over the 13+ years,  many of you have financially  supported the site.  There have been periods of time when the site was funded  by me - which I was glad to do.  It's great to be connected to your class.  Most of you know that my sister Jane was one of your classmates and the $$$ paid out by me is in honor of/in memory of Jane.

And while I have your attention - how about sending news by way that can be shared with your school family.  Help keep the site updated with a variety of stories/news/photos, etc.






FITZ will be closed Oct. 25-27th.  Be sure to visit any other Wed., Thurs., or Friday laugh

Fitz on Main -  109 N Main Street,  Kernersville
As of 2/1/2023:  Open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only.
7:30am to 1:30pm

winkVisit the '73 Eagles' alumni website for a Fitz/Eagle slideshow. You'll see lots and lots of familiar faces.  (slideshow updated  ( 9/10/2022)
(slideshow launches when opening the homepage --due to the # of photos, it takes a couple of minutes for the photos to load)  



Please share your news....................

We need your news!  Send news our way to be shared with your school family.  Share your stories/adventures/new family member announcements/weddings/joys/sorrows.    Entries willl be added to the MEMBER NEWS link (top of the home page)       heart  Email through the "Contact Us' link (left of the home page), or emailing Irma directly @

Did you know that the yearbook student profiles can be seen 'at a glance'.  Log-on ---> click on Classmate Profiles link ---> click Show Eagle photo.  And there you have it....................... cheeky

Challenge:  Would love for someone to scan the pages of the '72 senior yearbook to a disk and make arrangements to deliver it to me.  I can then upload the pages to the site.  No need to scan the student pages - as those photos are seen on individual member profile pages, and in the "Show Eagle' photo as described above.



  Be sure to welcome our newest members....Logon to the site; then click on the Classmate profile link (left of home page). From there - click on "Show Newest Members".    ** Also - view the profile update box (right of home page) from time to time...names displayed represent either a new member, or an existing member who has updated their profile)  wink

And did you know that from the Classmate profile link - you can click on "Show  Eagle Photo" to see all our mugshots from our senior yearbook


Richard Hedgecock's famous painting of Snows (owned by Dwight Snow's family)....................Snows is now Fitz on Main (owned by Joyce Fitzpatrick's brother David).