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10/26/17 09:15 AM #230    

Skip Justice

Beth:   Can you tell me what time the Assembly will be on Friday Nov 11, 2017 for Carl.   I would

like to attend.



Skip Justice

10/26/17 09:15 AM #231    

Skip Justice

Beth    Nov 10th   sorry

10/27/17 09:13 AM #232    


Cynthia Willey (Lempert)

Yes, Beth, what time?  There's a chance I might come, too.  I feel just sick all over again about Carl.  Cynthia

10/27/17 01:10 PM #233    


Thomas Boese

Hi,  I checked with the high school and was told that the assembly would run from 12:55 until 1:40 on the 10th.

10/28/17 07:55 AM #234    


Cynthia Willey (Lempert)

Thanks, Tom.

10/28/17 10:44 AM #235    


Beth Shoulberg (Johnson)

Thanks, Tom.  I will be there in spirit.

04/12/18 05:52 PM #236    


Beth Shoulberg (Johnson)

Today was a terrific mini-reunion in Hancock, Maryland, with Beth Shoulberg (Johnson), Kathy Karsten (Rushing), Margaret Klein (Breen) and Carroll Wetzel (Wilkinson).  We are extending the announcement that it is time for our classmates to update their profile pages, in anticipation of our 55th H.S. reunion...
which is right around the corner. 

Furthermore, WHO is interested in organizing it???


04/13/18 03:32 PM #237    


Tim Feemster

This looks like a great committee.  Sign them up.

04/14/18 10:18 AM #238    

Skip Justice

Sounds like a great team.   All the best.


05/30/18 12:56 PM #239    


Beth Shoulberg (Johnson)

I just saw this 1968 Lake Forest/Lake Bluff telephone Directory on Facebook. Fun to see so many familiar names!


05/31/18 10:36 AM #240    


Tim Feemster

You are right, it is fun to see the names.  Not sure I can put faces to them any more but cool.

08/15/18 11:22 PM #241    


Beth Shoulberg (Johnson)

It has been a real joy to be with Betsy Wentworth for more than four weeks this summer.  She has rented a cabin near us in Cable, Wisconsin.  Betsy departs tomorrow morning for her home in Lebanon, TN.  Farewell, Betsy.... we will see you again next summer!

11/28/18 02:36 PM #242    


Beth Shoulberg (Johnson)

Carey Smith just sent me these pictures from an LFHS guys' annual reunion.  This summer a group of our classmates met at Mickey Johnston's place overlooking the ocean, in Halifax NS.

Back row: Bob Watt, Tom Boese, Jim Kahle, Chip Webster
Front row: Mickey Johnston, Ron Boggs, Carey Smith, Tom O'Bierne, Mike Hall

View from Mickey's house

Relaxing at the yacht club


05/10/19 08:50 PM #243    


Beth Shoulberg (Johnson)

RE: Candy Thompson Meade

Beth, I am sending you this in response to your request for updates. Candace has health problems that have made it difficult for her to operate her computer, phone etc. I read her the sad news about Betsy and your warm Lake Bluff recollections which she appreciated. Her Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) condition was initially misdiagnosed as Alzheimer so the eventual treatment came very late. Candace has slowly improved over the last year mostly in learning to walk again. When she is able, Candace and her granddaughter will work on a brief update. They work together on this. NPH is something we should be aware of as we age. Here is a link with some info:

Sincerely, Roger Meade


06/26/19 03:09 PM #244    


Tom Jewell

Jim Johnston contacted me today and asked me to post the following message for him.

My partner and best friend who graduated in the  LFHS Class of '60, passed away on June 18 at Richland Heart Hospital Columbia SC.  Lynne E Smith. White. She has been with me down here since day before Thanksgiving 2001. My email is and my home phone 803-345-3400. Please contact me should you have any questions. See you all on September 20, 2019. Thank you, Jim

06/27/19 10:09 AM #245    

Skip Justice

Sorry to hear.


06/27/19 10:47 AM #246    


Tim Feemster

Very sorry for your loss.  It will be good to catch up in September.  I am really looking forward to it.

07/01/19 11:30 AM #247    

David Terlap

Need 3 more golfers, they do not allow 5 somes at L.B.

07/02/19 12:28 AM #248    


Tim Feemster

Is golf on Friday or Saturday?

07/02/19 12:27 PM #249    

David Terlap

Fri. Noon. L
ake Bluff.

07/02/19 01:15 PM #250    


Beth Shoulberg (Johnson)

This message is from Tom Jewell:
"I accidentally omitted some people in the first announcement about Roger Spaner. This is what I should have sent the first time: Roger Spaner (Dec 15, 1946 to June 27, 2019), died peacefully of cancer in Stockholm Sweden with his daughters and wife by his side. He is survived by two daughters by his first wife, Amanda Spaner Akerman and Hanna Spaner Tengby, his second wife, Fatima, his ex-wife, Pia, and four grandchildren. When I have more information or the official obituary, I will add it to Roger's In Memory page."


07/12/19 06:21 PM #251    


Tom Jewell

On Roger's In Memory page, I have posted more details about his funeral service with a link to a website where you can leave a message and take other actions to express your sympathy that the family will receive.

Tom Jewell

08/08/19 08:57 AM #252    

Proctor Anderson

08/08/19 09:26 AM #253    

Proctor Anderson


Getting hugs from my 3 year old Winifred Jane Anderson while at our reunion at Cape May, NJ. Her father, Rob, and Shannon are having another girl in 4 weeks.

Chris ( 37 ) is a Urologist at Columbia U in Manhattan. He and Erica live in Scarsdale, NY  and have Vivian ( 5 ) and Charlotte ( 3 ). John (30 ) , after VU and MBA at UVA is  chained to a desk at Credit Suisse.

I ‘m in Boulder right next to the Boulder CC. My patio view is the Club and the Continental Divide. Golf, lots of reading , Club’s athletic center and going to Denver to see Son Rob, Shannon and Winifred Jane who says “ Look at my face Papa. I love you and miss you. A baby sister due 9/4/19. 

Looking forward to reunion. Thanks to my friends who made this happen.

Sincerely, Proctor R. Anderson M. D.



08/08/19 02:33 PM #254    

Skip Justice

See you there.   



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