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11/27/08 01:15 PM #1    

Robert McGuire

Welcome to the Sullivan County High School Class Of 1984 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion. The newest posts are at the bottom so please scroll down. . . .

05/28/09 07:06 PM #2    

Diane Quinn (Barton)

This site is a great idea! Thanks for creating it!
(Were movie tickets REALLY $2.50 in 1984? WOW!)
Love to All, -Diane

05/28/09 09:44 PM #3    


Kristin Ruddy (Montgomery)

Ditto to Diane! What a great job! Thanks a million!

05/29/09 09:39 PM #4    


Betsy Boyles (Butler)

Greetings to all.. this is a great idea..
if we don't get a great # of classmates that want to attend .. lets do a 1984 + 1985 and maybe 1986 reuion
I also feel it is a good idea to keep it in good ole'
Sullivan County. Where we all came from, but no matter where "Let's get together and have a fun time"...

Betsy Boyles Butler

05/29/09 10:05 PM #5    

Robert Montgomery

Hey everyone, glad to see things are moving forward for a 25th year reunion, I see (and enjoy) the school a lot more it seems than I did as a student now that the Sheriff's Office does security there, and it is neat to see kids of my classmates moving through.

I will be there wherever we have it. I am partial to the roadhouse, but thats because it's only 2 miles away.

Bob M.

06/17/09 03:13 PM #6    

Donna Kilmer (Francis)

Love to see a decision soon .... helps with travel plans! :)

06/24/09 09:24 PM #7    


Betsy Boyles (Butler)

During the planning of the 10 yr. we talked about keeping the reuion the same weekend each time, it was to be Labor Day weekend from then on... then everyone knows in 5 yrs, people traveling from away would most likely have a 3 day weekend, and the fair is going on, for some to enjoy. would anyone be interested in this? from now on?? our 10 & 15 was ... and had a fair turn out.

11/05/09 11:48 AM #8    


Kristin Ruddy (Montgomery)

Chasing after her boy Joey, Susan Woodhead McCarty fell down an embankment & broke her ankle (SEVERELY) Friday evening 10/30/2009. To send her well wishes, mail to 11952 Rt 87, Dushore PA 18614.

01/25/14 05:18 PM #9    


Betsy Boyles (Butler)

wink Hello class of 1984! I think with the alumni reuion every fall this should be something we sure take in to mind. it freely makes good sence-- I hold a account of $147.  I am not sure of what tracey has from the 25yr.?  hope this finds every one warm and well.   betsy boyles butlersmiley

09/08/14 10:35 AM #10    


Betsy Boyles (Butler)

SCHS get together at muncy valley fire hall every year first sat. in October --starts at 5pm happy hour-- dinner at 6pm-- if you would like to eat -- bring a dish to pass and any drink you would like, it ends when people are done visitingwink everyone is welcomelaugh

02/18/16 09:08 AM #11    


Kristin Ruddy (Montgomery)

Sorry to hear of Mr. Najaka's deteriorating health, however, shouldn't the entire class decide what to do with any money "we" have?  We've had classmates who have had medical/financial hardships and/or deaths where flowers could have been sent.  Hard to imagine the class has ANY money 32 years later after what happened our senior year.  We had many teachers who are now aging, it is sad to see, much like all these actors that have died recently.  I guess I just feel that it should be a group decision and that we shouldn't pour all our resources into one cause when we had so many teachers and classmates where we could have been giving a little to many.

02/19/16 11:27 AM #12    

Anita Tourscher (Keiser)

I agree with Kristin! 

02/21/16 09:38 PM #13    

Susan Woodhead (McCarty)

I also think that more than one person should decide what to do with our class money.  I think keeping it for memorial purposes is a wonderful idea.

06/24/20 09:26 PM #14    

Scott Yates

Wow it's hard to believe nobody has left a comment in here since 2016 lol, just watched the video of the 25th reunion brought back alot of memories from that night and 1983-84 school year's all of the year's in school I could say hope everyone is safe with the covid19 thing going on, I'd love to turn the clocks back to the 80's again haha take care my life time of friend's I'm glad I shared them with you all.

09/30/21 05:46 PM #15    

Scott Yates

Can someone fill me in on Rhonda sysock (Gary) passing and let me know about arrangements pls.

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