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Largo Senior High School
Class Of 1963







Pretty eyes as culd  be....Bonnie is in Heaven now...Bless her now and always! Love ya Babe.

Bonnie was so full of life, she had a smile that never ended. In Junior High Bonnie helped through English and several other teenage problems.  Thanks Bonnie.

Father William "Bill" Farrington   Best Friends  He served God and his fellow man all of his life. Bill is in Heaven now, home. God Bless this fine man.

Would you look at the smile on Connie...she is one of a kind.


Anne live in Austrlia now, was here for our 50th reunion we were all so happy to see her again. Love back to you sweetheart...Cheers!

1st grade at the old LHS

Charlie 6th grade Mildred Helms

8th grade Largo Jr. High

"A White Sport Coat and a pink.......

Bonnie Fyfe 7th grade LJHS

Bonnie Fyfe LHS 1963

Jim and Bonnie McGee




A little Largo History. Did you know about the time most of us were born the the U S Army Air Force used all the land at the old fairgrounds for CAMP LARGO,  a U S Army Air Corp training camp. From early 1942 until 1946 as many as 3500 troops were at the tent city camp. Here are some photos from when WW2 came to Largo. 

Members of the Largo Women's club server watermellons to the trrops on July 4, 1943.

Can you imagine staying in these tents in August?

Thanksgiving 1943, LHS Teachers visit the troops at Camp Largo.  Ms. Evans and Miss Blesssing are in this photo

The H on these fighters over Tampa Bay in 1944 stood for stationed at Pinellas Air Air St. Pete Clw Airport.

Since Camp Largo was on Taylor property only fair that Taylor Black Diamond Fruit be served to the troops...and naturally Largo ladies should taste the oranges first. Taylor Grovers, Largo, 1944.





How we love the memories of

The Halls of LHS

The Halls of Largo, Largo High, 1952

The Halls of Largo, 1961

The Halls of Largo, 1964 My favorite!

The Pinellas County Fair, 1946

Miss Chris Douglas, 1972

Band of Gold "Kick Line". 1976


When we was young, very young.

Class of 1963 in 1953

I have been asked over and over to ID the kids in this photo. OK here goes. 

Kids sitting: L - R: Ann Carlisle, Joynce unny Roman,  ?, ?, ?, Bill Moore, Bobby Pittman, Bill Johnson.

Middle Row, L - R:  Judy ?, ?, Bob Cekou, Maria Battista, ?. Carolyn Clark, Bill Nelson, ?

Standing, L - R: ?, Lana K Roberts, Aletta Brown, Linda Stranughn, Joy Musgrave, John Pecarek,  ?, ?, ?, Charlie Harper, Bobby Burns..

If  you can help us ID any of  the unknowns please let us know. Been 68 years and memories fade.

Prom, May, 1963

July, 1993