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•   Craig Talbot (Talbot)  7/31
•   Carolyn Gianni (Gale)  10/21
•   Janine Craemer (Pryor)  9/27
•   Marie Adams  7/31
•   Clayton Shreeve (Shreeve)  7/26
•   Doris Nelson (Nelson)  5/2
•   Allyson Ward (Pirenian)  12/7
•   Jeff Chapman (Chapman)  6/3
•   Patty Harder (Kennedy)  5/9
•   Kathryn Kingston  4/4
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1 lives in Alaska
5 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
164 live in California
4 live in Colorado
1 lives in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
3 live in Idaho
2 live in Iowa
2 live in Maine
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
6 live in Nevada
2 live in New York
2 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Oklahoma
18 live in Oregon
3 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Texas
1 lives in Virginia
9 live in Washington
2 live in Alberta
2 live in British Columbia
3 live in Mexico
1 lives in New Zealand
1 lives in Norway
1 lives in Peru
389 location unknown
89 are deceased


•   Sharon Lang (Lang)  7/20
•   Lori Barsocchini  7/21
•   Stephen McGrath  7/22
•   Doris Nelson (Nelson)  7/25
•   Laurie Comstock  7/26
•   Sharon Kreyer (Singleton)  8/4
•   Jane Clark  8/5
•   Margret Smetana  8/6
•   Karen Kreuzberger (Johnson)  8/12
•   Margo Reichard (Running)  8/12
•   Nancy Schonfeld (McGoon)  8/12
•   Vincent Gardner  8/16
•   Susan Marchant (Angel)  8/18
•   Katherine Treffinger  8/19


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 28.3%

A:   181   Joined
B:   459   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


Hi kids,

Well, I don't know about you... but that was really fun!  So happy we had 3 days of activities.  This is going to be short because I am off and running on a new project that takes all my focus.  

I do want to thank Janine Craemer and Ruth Brinton for stepping up and giving us money to keep this website running for another year.... YAY!  So you haven't gotten rid of me yet....

A note, you may receive a 'snail mail' letter this week from Richard Raines in Portland Oregon.  It was his team that did the video and interviews at the reunion.  I just sent in to recieve mine.  Including tax and shipping it is about $34.  Many of us who were at the reunion will probably want to get one, but also, those of you who wanted to be there but for a variety of reasons just couldn't be there.....  you may want to order your video.

D'Arcy's daughter, Nicola, and also Jay Jack took a zillion really great photos.  Some now are posted on FaceBook.  I'm working on setting up the gallery here so those photos will be here.  Also, YOU can post YOUR photos..... give me a couple days.

Anyway, that is all for now.... so fantastic to see all your shining happy faces.....   See you in 10.
wendy v, d'arcy, dorie & janet

OK kids, We're off to the races. Our reunion is SOLD OUT!!
Excited to see those of you who said, "I'M GOING TO THE REUNION! I'VE GOT MY TICKET!"

But WAIT!! So much fun stuff going on!!


Friday the 7th...  Rave at Marin Brew Pub in Larkspur Landing 6:30-ish....Pay as you go...

shhh, you don't know me.... You say, "I'm meeting some friends at the bar"..

Mum's the word.


Saturday the 8th - 10 AM 

Tour at the school with Sue Chelini.... 1.5 hr.... 

check in at Wulzen & Bosce's 😆


Saturday the 8th -  10AM...

KAYAK TRIP with Sea Trek in Sausalito. Avis Rappaport's business.   Avis gave us a sweet deal...... Instead of $75 ea for the "SCENIC SAUSALITO" 3 hr tour... (sounds like Gilligan's Island, doesn't it?)  

$50 ea for our 50th Reunion!! Love it.

We can only have UP TO 12 spots and 7 are already taken...... I'm going for sure........  Let me know right away if you're in..... OK?


Saturday the 8th... 6PM...  Sold out Reunion at the Spinnaker...



Sunday the 9th - 11:30AM-ish

Brunch in Larkspur at the old BLUE ROCK, (now called Left Bank). 

We need 20 people for brunch at $45 ea... or all the charges go on MY card....super yuk.... No Can Do - (Hall and Oates).

12 people have signed up for that..... who else wants to join us?  

If we don't have enough people signed up by Aug 24th....  I will cancel the rez...   Come on.... it'll be so last visit!


We were Born To Be Wild..... let's just squeeze the juice out of the whole weekend.....   it will be 10 more years before you have this much fun!

Super hugs...

Warmest regards,

wendy v, d'arcy, janet & dorie

Greetings Classmates!
Welcome to our very own official Redwood High School Class of 1968 website! This will be your main source (besides FaceBook and ) for info on fellow GIANTS reunion activities and so much more!