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07/28/12 12:52 AM #1    


Vivian J Fueston (Tudor-Rodgers)

Welcome to the Lebanon High School Class Of 1963 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/04/12 01:38 AM #2    


Vivian J Fueston (Tudor-Rodgers)

WELCOME CLASSMATE TO OUR VERY OWN WEBSITE FOR THE CLASS OF LEBANON HIGH SCHOOL 1963!  I hope you will enjoy sharing your pictures and stories with all of the rest of your fellow classmates.  My hope that this website will reunite all of our class and help in the planning of our BIG 50 REUNION next year. Myself, and Esther Banta Larson are the current administrators of this website.  If you have suggestions, please share them with us.  This is our class website and we hope everyone will contribute to it.  Please feel free to ask us questions concerning this website.  Please bear with us as we construct, add to and embellish this website, it is a learning process for us too!!!!


08/07/12 05:03 PM #3    


Dick Berry

Come on guys how about more pictures in the profiles?




Dick Berry

08/07/12 06:55 PM #4    


Vivian J Fueston (Tudor-Rodgers)


08/12/12 11:43 AM #5    

David Campbell


Watched WCET on Saturday(August 11) and saw that with a $150.00 donation to CET, one would receive 4 DVD's that contain 12 of Ed Sullivan's shows that featured many rock stars of the 60's. Wouldn't this be great to run on a bid screen during the class gathering, either at the banquet or otherwise.

08/12/12 11:54 AM #6    

David Campbell

Last known living area for Richard Armstrong was in the late 80's in either Butler Twp. or Huber Hts. of Dayton. Last know area for Steve Batson was in Cincinnati was I believe he was a professor at U.C.


08/13/12 12:45 PM #7    


Vivian J Fueston (Tudor-Rodgers)

Thanks David for the info,  There is a playlist from our class timeframe that I will be adding to the website, just haven't done it as yet. I know how to get Richard Armstrong address, his niece is a friend of mine.  She told me that he is almost totally blind. I have scanned the senior pics from Esther's yearbook, but haven't had time to scan each one into this program as yet.. This is my busiest time of the month and I am making up lost time from being off a week for my ear surgery. 

Esther, David's idea about the DVD sounds great!

Keep the ideas coming!!!!



07/09/13 09:08 PM #8    

Esther Banta (Larson)

Does this go to everyone or just to you Vivian?  Let's get everyone excited about our 50th!!!!


07/18/13 08:04 AM #9    


Vivian J Fueston (Tudor-Rodgers)


08/17/13 01:02 AM #10    

Esther Banta (Larson)

Hello everyone.  Reunion time is getting closer.  Sure hope you are planning to come.  I have been looking through the yearbooks to refresh my memory.  Of course those pictures won't do much good for recognizing people now.  Of course, I haven't gotten older.  I'll just be in the room with a lot of old people. lol

Esther Banta Larson

09/16/13 11:39 AM #11    

Robert Davis

To All,

I had the pleasure of golfing with Marc Lintner, Dave Werk, and Dave Daniels. Marc set us up for a great time at Shaker Run with 18 holes, carts and lunch afterwards. The weather was great, the scenery wonderful with trees and lakes and a well groomed course. The golf was fun but not professional and I kept score for the first 9 and Marc scored best with Dave one stroke behind. Dave Daniels and I could use some coaching. We stopped scoring about the time we ran out of balls, having lost many to the fish. Marc introduced us to the owners of Shaker Run during lunch which is quite a treat and made us feel all the more welcome. 

The Saturday evening dinner at the Pavilion was great with so many stories retold and remembered. Many folks were there that were not on the original list provided by Esther and that was great. Our table enjoyed Dave and Becky Werk, Jack and Barb Worley and Joyce and Keith Volz.  We had lively conversations and the thing I noticed primarily was that we all were of like minds on so many issues of the day. Politics, government, family and on and on. I think the unity noticed came from our similar upbringings - our school experiences - and the fact we all seemed to be involved in a broad scope of activities during our lives. We were well traveled, we were involved in government, teaching, administration, politics, healthcare, sports, business and all of that formed opinions and understandings that lent to a pretty good grasp of America. I came away more informed and comforted that my beliefs and realities are well grounded. I have never come away from contact with my friends without being enhanced by their presence. This was no exception.

Sunday at the picnic was a pleasure. I got to talk with more folks and ate a wonderful meal prepared by the "Loin Ranger," Mike Young. He is no amateure in the arena of preparing great barbeque. I cheated and had chicken and barbeque pork sandwich - just could not resist. I was not alone in this I noted. Slaw and a fruit salad that should embarrass a Kings table. Jim Kite served (what a host) the best damn cookies I may have ever had.

I want to personally thank the committee with Esther and Marc and Mary and Jim and Vivian and Diana and Judy. Let me tell you there is no small task in getting such a function together and the smiles and joy they helped create is typical of each of them and typical of our class. Our class has class.

Thanks, Dr. Bob

09/20/13 12:52 AM #12    

Esther Banta (Larson)

Hi Classmates,

I just received an old newspaper clipping from Eva Ream.  It states that Tim Isaacs died in 1996 from heart failure.  He was an ordained minister and a member of the High Point Church of God.

He had earned a degree in business administration from Wilmington College in 1980.

He served in the Army's 101st Airborne Division during Vietnam War and received 2 Purple Hearts.

He worked for the U.S. Post Office since 1988 and won several awards for notable performance, including Postal Employee of the Year in 1992.

He was a member of the Disabled American Veterans and Lebanon American Legion Post 186.

He had 2 sons and 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren.  He had been married for 25 years to his wife Margaret of Fairfield.

09/20/13 10:55 PM #13    

Arlene Montgomery (Cheesman)

So sorry to hear about Tim Isaacs. He passed away 17 years ago. Thank you Eva Ream for sending us the info on Tim. He was an ordained minister-that's wonderful-I will see him again one day-RIP Tim

07/26/15 11:39 AM #14    

David Campbell

It really doesn't matter all that much to me BUT why is it that year after year, prior tothe date that all the class members are about to have a birthday it's posted on the web page EXCEPT mine. I guess it comes down to the fact that I spent 12 years with my clasmates up to my senior year when I played around, was 1/2 credit shy of graduating and couldn't walk down the aisle during commensement ceremonies.  However, I went to Centerville, picked up a full credit and rec'd. my diploma in July of 1963.

07/26/15 05:26 PM #15    


Vivian J Fueston (Tudor-Rodgers)

DAVID CAMPBELL, I will check into this - it is not intentional!

It is showing on the list now!


07/27/15 02:22 PM #16    

Nancy Benner (Gerhardt)

David Campbell.  Sorry you have been deleted from the birthday notices and I am happy you brought it to someone's attention.  I am sure that your birthday ommission will be quickly fixed by Vivian.  She has really taken on this gigantic responsibility and is consciencious about making sure it is up to date and correct.  I know she will make it right!!!

  So when is your birthday?  If it has passed, I hope it was a great day.  Take care.  Nancy Benner Gerhardt

09/16/15 11:22 AM #17    


Barbara Smith (Daugherty)

These weren't announced ahead of time but today Sept 16th is Vivian Fueston Tudor-Rodgers birthday and tomorrow the 17th is Barbara Smith Daugherty's birthday.

09/17/15 09:32 AM #18    

Daniel Mader

Happy Birthday to Vivan and Barbara ! 

09/17/15 06:22 PM #19    

Eugene Matthews (Matthews)

Happy Birthday's Ladies!

09/17/15 08:15 PM #20    


Barbara Smith (Daugherty)

Thank you for the birthday wishes Daniel and Eugene. Had a wonderful day!

06/08/20 10:10 AM #21    

Terence Zecher

Viv, Terance Zecher born June 8, 1945 and Lynn James (Zecher) born August 1, 1945.

04/10/23 11:01 PM #22    

Terence Zecher

Terry and Lynn Zecher, 5365 Prescott Ct, Mason, ohio 45040

04/11/23 04:55 PM #23    

R David Werk

David & Becky (Berry) Werk,

1172 Rock Valley Dr

Rochester, Michigan 48307


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