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02/24/08 11:02 AM #1    

Barbara McClintock (Wetzel)

Welcome to the Bath High School Class Of 1978 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/03/08 11:49 PM #2    

Alison Bennett (Gilstrap)

Thank you for setting up this website. I am looking forward to seeing all the profiles and catching up with ppl I havent seen in quite awhile. Looking forward to the class reunion. Till then, Alison

08/08/08 08:43 AM #3    

Jennifer Bakies (Bowsher)

Barb what a party! ...finally regaining strength from the wild kewpee evening-the kids still talk about it today! and other folks talk about the website pics.

You looked fab! That gay guy called from entertainment tonight and stated you were the best dressed!
He said I looked like a victorian knight! What the hell is that? Wouldn't it be neat to have traveling reunions like a cruise trip or to some concert or other cool event
in another place. perhaps closer to the far away people.?
Odd idea. Only you could pull it off.
Let's do it again - So cool to have a multi talented
hip broad to organize a fun regal event.
Love you event planner.....Jennifer

08/24/12 11:00 AM #4    

Deb Peggs (Camper)

So sad to hear about Sheila Shaw, she was such a sweet person

When I think of her I remember her laugh!!  Rest in Peace Sheila

08/28/12 07:42 PM #5    

Sara Smith (Dicken)

Thanks for passing this information along Barb, though it is sad news to hear.  Sheila was such a great person with a great sense of humor.  I'm glad that I had the priviledge of knowing her. 

04/20/13 06:17 AM #6    

Darlene Frick (Bassett)

So sad to hear about Tim. His mother goes to our church my heart goes out to their family.May God bless them. TIM REST IN PEACE.

06/02/13 02:59 PM #7    

Sally Fenton (Golden)

I am sooo sorry to hear about Tim Williams. He was Homecoming King the year I was Homecoming Queen. I was already in bed, dressed in a big flannel nightgown, when the doorbell rang. It was Tim, full of congratulations and a dozen red roses. He was so sweet and didn't bolt at the sight of me in that awful attire.


Darwin Fleck...may you rest in peace. We had the biggest crush on each other in 6th grade. How funny I remember that!


Finally, I am so saddened to hear about my friend, Shelia Shaw. I remember fondly  her sense of humor and I too remember her infectious laugh.


I am so sorry to miss the 35th Class Reunion!! I have a dear niece's graduation party out of town. I want you all to know I am doing well. Again, thanks to all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and encouraging cards & e-mails as I battled breast cancer in 2010-2011. Hope you all make it until midnight! I rarely see that time any more.

Kudos to Barb for planning this event!! You go girl!

Blessings to the Bath High School Class of 78!!!!!!

Sally (Fenton) Golden

06/22/13 11:08 PM #8    

Eileen Jones (Jones)

I appreciate having this site to learn about everyone and sad to read about the loss of some of our classmates.  All good people taken way too early.

I'm glad to see those of you attending the 35th reunion.  I hate to miss it, but it's a bad time of year with our US forest service jobs. 

Unfortunately it is another summer of devastating wildfires in the state of Colorado, so my husband Jim and I really need to be here to help.  He gets to fight them and I get to ruin camper's weekends by telling them they can't have a campfire! 

We will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary next January and still enjoy the double life we have of teaching high school in eastern Colorado and living in the mountains working outside in the summer.  We like to fit in traveling, fishing and golfing when we get the chance.

Have a wonderful time at the reunion and hope it isn't another 5 years before I get to see or catch up with you! I've learned the older I get the more I appreciate visiting with people and finding what we have in common... all of us have good old Bath High School!  :-)  Eileen (Walker) Jones


07/01/13 07:40 AM #9    

Deb Peggs (Camper)

Just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to Barb for taking the time to plan the reunion.

Rick and I had a great time, really enjoyed visiting with everyone


Looking forward to our next reunion...and I hear Jennifer Bakies has already "volunteered" to plan it!!!   hehehe


Take Care

Deb Peggs Camper

07/05/13 02:38 PM #10    

Eileen Jones (Jones)

Although he wasn't in our class, many of you remember the very musically talented Gale Beery (class of 1979).  I was very sad to just learn of his passing June 29th, 2013.  I know many of you know him from band - we even performed one of his original compositions - what a very talented man and a sad loss.  Thought many of you would like to know this.  Sorry to have missed our reunion - sounds like it was a fun time - Next one!  Eileen (Walker) Jones

09/30/13 10:44 AM #11    

Tammy Salyer

I am so sorry to hear about Sheila Shaw.  Such a funny gal!  You couldn't help but laugh and smile when you were around her. 

Thanks Eileen for telling us about Gale Berry and so sorry to hear about his passing.  He was so talented.  When I was a junior, I had a secret crush on him. 

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the reunion this year.  Hopefully I can make  it to the next one.  Isn't funny how you can just be sitting and a high school memory will come back to you.  Bath High School will forever be a part of us.  I am glad  to have gotten to know many of you. 

02/13/15 02:14 PM #12    

Craig Jonsson

Craig Jonsson



   Totally heartbroken over the loss of Steve Shoemaker. Great friend. Great person with a beautiful family.

    I'm devastated.             Miss you !!!                           

09/05/18 06:58 PM #13    

Alison Bennett (Gilstrap)

Are we doing a 40th reunion this year?   Al

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