As we gear up for our 50+1 Reunion in October 2021, we need to find folks whose contact info has changed, or perhaps has never been available. We want every member of our class to feel welcome and be invited to attend  what could be our last reunion. Have you kept in touch with any of these classmates? Please contact us here on the class website with any information you might have about anyone on this list. Looking forward to hearing from you!

List as of August 10, 2019:
Nancy Elizabeth Ackerman 
Gary Duane Adkins 
Helen Sue(Suzi) Babb 
Rebecca (Becky)Kay Beaston 
Jimmy Lee Blair 
Larry Wayne Blevins 
Betty Juanita Brown 
Ronald Russell Brown 
William Mark Burleson 
Vicki L Butler 
Nettie Gayle Camp 
Frances Elaine Carter 
Mary Ann Charles 
Cynthia Rae Cole 
Debra Jane Collie 
Georgia Kay Collins (Tom Carpenter msg'd her)
Paula Denise Cotton Martin 
Linda Kaye Delaughter 
Jo Ann Dodds 
Robert Earl Dudley 
Deborah(Debbie)Kay Epperson 
John Charles Evans 
Michael Wayne Farr 
Tina Benay Ford 
Sharon Denise Forrest 
Wanda Lee Fowler 
Susan Lynn Fraser 
Rhonda Jean Frazier Mitchell 
Leslie Nan Galloway Peresta 
Douglas Wayne Gross 
Patricia Ruth Hall 
Marvin Leroy Hardin 
Andrew Lee Harris 
Mae Julia Harris 
Marvin Eugene Harris 
Sharon Kay Hatcher O'Daniel 
Charles E Hendrix 
Linda Faye Henry 
Deborah Kay Hicks 
Robert(Rusty)Elton Hollowell 
Margaret Marie Jackson 
Thomas Duane Johnson 
Henry Louis Jones 
Leewayne Jones 
Linda Diana Jones 
Frankie L Jordan 
Rosalind Marie Joshua Hudson 
Linda Lonsdale 
Frank William Machen, Jr 
Jo Ann Marks 
Deborah Martin 
Billy Joe Matthews 
Marie Ester McCullough 
Martha Pearl McDonald 
Sharon Jean McSwain Moran 
Rhonda Alice Meeks 
Mary Lou Menard 
Steven Edward Milburn 
Nathaniel Miller, Jr 
Kathy Elaine Moore 
Ellen Blanchard Moran McNeill 
Marie Janet Morgan 
Carla Jean Moser 
Janet Margaret Mueller 
Mary Anne Nelson 
Angelia (Angie) Newman 
Mary Ann Oldham 
Laura Lee Perry Tuttle 
Michael Morgan Phillips 
Lezli Kay Pittman 
Gracie Jo Prater 
Sally Rose Redd Johnson 
Lyle George Reed 
Vicki Lynn Robertson 
Ronnie Rogers 
Wayne Reid Rowley 
Claire Jeannette Sanders 
Phyllis Ann Shultz 
Darrell Sims 
Robert Michael Sipes 
Dwight Hallock Skidmore 
Donna Marlene Smith 
Douglas Allen Smith 
James Craig Smith 
Robert Doyle Smith 
Susan Annette Smith 
Susan Kay Smith Gentry 
Richard Allen Stafford 
Pamela Louise Starkey 
Sandra Faye Tatum 
Karen Ann Temple 
Carolyn Elizabeth Tibbetts 
Willie Edward Tidwell 
Lola Susan Vandiver 
James Will Washington III 
James (Jim)Walter Williams 
Steve Lynn Williams 
David Kelly Wilson