Things we want to know about you

The reunion is only weeks away and we can't wait to see everyone!

We're asking everyone, whether they are coming or not, too fill out a survey to help us with the class records. Think of it as a chance to collect all the information in the biographies and classmate profiles and put it in one place.

We'll collect all the information and post the results of the survey questions here at a later date.

The committee continues to meet in person every two weeks or so to finalize the details of the various events. Inbetween, the emails are flying back and forth on a daily basis.

Our current plans are that some of us will be at the hotel decorating for the Meet and Greet on Friday afternoon, while others will be out touring the high school. The decorators will be back, again, on Saturday afternoon while classmates are out touring Livingston. If you are around and available to help, find us and join in the fun!







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1)   How many miles and how did you travel to get to the reunion? We want the direct route, not the around the world the other way route.

2)   How many children do you have?

3)   How many grandchildren do you have?

4)   How many great-grandchildren do you have?

5)   How many continents have you visited? Name them. How many continents have you lived on? Name them.

6)   Briefly state the most unique experience you have had.

7)   What unique hobbies do you have? Golf doesn't count...nor does bowling.

8)   How many state have you lived in? Name them. Which is your favorite and why?

9)   What is the most daredevil thing you have done?

10)   What sports do you participate in? Golf counts for this question, bowling, too.

11)   What national or international volunteer services, if any, have you worked for, i.e. Peace Corps, Teach America, Red Cross, etc.?

12)   If you were asking the questions, what would you want to know about your classmates?

13)   Aside from children and grandchildren, what experience or achievement in your life has been the most fulfilling?

14)   Should we keep the website going? It costs about $100 a year to do so, would you be willing to contribute to keep it up and running?

15)   Should there be another reunion after this one? If so, how often should it happen and what type of event would you like it to be? All suggestions are welcome.