50th Reunion - TBD


We're STILL planning....

And we're still intrepid, but there you have it - pinning down details is time-consuming. We want to be sure we the opportunities to mingle are maximized. So, we hope you're making lots of plans to get here and enjoy the reunion day in preparation for the dinner, as we pursue the elusie Mingle Paradigm. More later......




Look - we did this 10 years ago, so we can do it again now. STAY TUNED.


We've started planning...

Your intrepid classmates have already visited one establishment near the school to sample the menu and of course chat for two hours.

Here we were:Diane Hoffman Dixon, Cecilia Rogers Urwin, Mary McGaughey Whiting
and a very yummy strawberry shortcake


Remember - it's May 14, 2011!