Classmate Connection



1.    Met Bob Hope

Judy Townsend Briggs

2.    Rarely had a "real" job.

Ken Hynson

3.    Has lived on Main Street Manassas for 23 years

Sandy Aits Abbott

4.    Had his/her first grandchild born on 23 Aug. 2010

David Gaylord

5.    Is known as "The Voice of God"

John Hooe

6.    Got certified to scuba dive at age 55

Jeanne Garza

7.    Holds the Wisconsin State Title for bench press for women over 50

Ann Garman McCredie

8.    Started tap dancing at age 40 and is still doing it

Brenda Garber

9.    Has a hobby of skeet shooting

Brenda Bridges Cox

10.  Was a Peace Corps volunteer

Howard Fenton

11.  Was Soldier of the Year for the U.S. Army in 1984

Mark Smith

12.  Used to be called "Red"

Debby Gillum

13.  Smoked pot with Joe Cocker

Wendy Williams Jones

14.  Does cousin reunions & are called "The Original 5 + 1 and a Hairdresser"

Joan Marshall Gordon

15.  Has been on an African Safari

Donna Lunsford Martin

16. Was the 2003 California Comm. of the Yr. for California Parks & Rec.

Jim Kendrick

17.  Has worked for the Va. Employment Commission for 35 years

Rick Slusher

18.  Took a hot air balloon ride over Palm Springs for Valentine's Day

Patty Wheaton Easley.

19.  Is a physics teacher

Tom Breeden

20.  Worked in Saudia Arabia for 6 years

Bruce Wood

21.  Was an explosives technician

Dell Miller

22.  Has worked for General Motors for 28 years

Steve Wright

23.  Had breakfast with Sonny & Cher in Chicago

Julia Parrish

24.  Volunters for "Librivox", making books free in audio format on the internet

 Mark Smith

25.  Is a Pastor

Robbie Leo Arnold

26.  Has been a kitchen designer since 1975

Linda Cornwell McLaughlin

27.  Owns a bed and breakfast

Phyllis Shomate Roberts

28.  Lives in Florida

Maurice Ward

29.  Is an engineer

 Gary Cornwell

30.  Has a business started by his grandfather

Steve Rice

31.  Is  McDonald's Franchise Owner

Rick O’Brien

32.  Was working at the Pentagon on 9/11

Diane Stevens Lee

33.   Designed games/videos for a children's museum

 Aaron Bowles

34.  Weaves Tartan throws for a hobby

Sandy Cochran Lee

35.  Directed a top five arts & crafts festivals in USA for 2 yrs

Edie McRee Bowles