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03/13/09 11:24 AM #5    

Ronald Dean (Ronnie) Lutes

Loyd has offered us some additional possible reunion sites. You can look under the “Message Forum” on our WoodlandClassof69 website to see his offers. They would be some good options also, so we need to discuss this at our next meeting.

Hettie has suggested a Barn Warming theme for our reunion.... but with 60’s music. We don’t have to have a “theme”, but it makes it fun and gives us something to decorate around. Whatever we decide to do, Hettie has agreed to do the decorating, with help from other volunteers. So keep your head down! Actually, I (we) appreciate her leadership on this, so if you’re interested in helping or gathering/getting materials for decorations, let her know. You can contact her through the class website.

We said we would try to do a silent auction for a fund raiser if we can get enough donations. Henry Whitener (actually Linda) has agreed to donate a stained glass piece that she has created. Thanks to the Whiteners. It’s a (Woodland) cardinal and you can see it on their website, which you can get to via a link on Henry’s profile. I will donate a wildlife print. If you have anything you would be willing to donate, let me know. It can be almost anything.

Jackie Seiler is thinking of making up some reunion tee-shirts. I'm sure everyone will be wanting one. (or several) Discussions on this will occur at the next meeting.

Melvin Keith has agreed to handle the reunion food which may be catered or we may do a BBQ or something. Melvin will need some help depending what we do, so let him know if you can help.

John Clubb has agreed to lead a search for missing classmates. We need to contact as many as we can. If anyone has any leads or contacts let him know. If you would like to help with the search let him know. For some of you that are not around town, this would be a good area you could help. We can do web searches and/or try to find family or friends of classmates to track them down.

We need to line up a DJ or band for entertainment. If anyone has any ideas, let us know. I know that Don Dinkens is a big dancer with some good moves, so maybe we can talk him into managing the entertainment. Or if others are interested in helping with this, let me know.

If I can get some pictures, I can put together a slide show with music and put it on a CD. Folks can get a copy at the reunion. Pictures can be of our school days or shortly after, current pictures or pictures you’re just proud of. I would like to get a picture of anyone that was in the service. Family pictures are good, wedding pictures would be good, adventures/vacation pictures, etc. If you can’t send a digital copy, we can scan them in for you. If you would like to help or lead this effort, let me know.

03/16/09 05:18 PM #6    

Hettie Suellen Rahm (Ward)

Hi John,
I'll call Mr. and Mrs. Lax and try to get some king of contact information for Teri Mooney. I look forward to seeing you at the reunion. Hettie Sue

03/29/09 06:28 PM #7    

Loyd Lee Ivey

Top Movies from 1969
- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
- The Love Bug
- Midnight Cowboy
- Easy Rider
- Hello, Dolly!
- Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
- Paint Your Wagon
- True Grit
- Cactus Flower
- Goodbye, Columbus

maybe I can get some movie memeribilia for the auction. Dennis Hopper and Alice Cooper buds of mine....LLI

03/30/09 11:28 AM #8    

Ronald Dean (Ronnie) Lutes

That would be great. Let me know what you can provide and send a picture we can post if you can.

Can you send me a photo of your piece also.

03/30/09 11:28 AM #9    

Ronald Dean (Ronnie) Lutes

Here is a list of information and decisions from the March 28th reunion meeting.
• We reviewed and reconfirmed to hold the reunion on September 26th at the Lutes farm clubhouse. We will plan to eat at 5:30 with everyone welcome to arrive anytime after 12 noon for visiting, fishing, games or whatever. If the weather cooperates, bring a lawn chair.
• We want to invite everyone that was in our class during any of our high school years plus their spouse.
• We decided to invite our Woodland teachers “maybe”. There wasn’t a consensus on this. We need further discussion.
• Ron will put a couple of ads in the Banner Press later on this summer announcing our reunion, inviting all classmates, their spouses and teachers who claim to have anything to do with our education. (assuming this is agreed to)
• Don Dinkens will handle musical entertainment which will be for now, CD’s of the 50’s to 70’s era. Don may give dancing lessons and Jackie agreed to show us her karaoke skills.
• Hettie Sue will take care of decorations. We will discuss with her, but we may only need to do some table top dressings.
• Jackie works at P&G and said she can provide the reunion with paper towels and TP. With store bought TP we agreed to keep the bathroom indoors.
• Melvin will handle the food, which we will try to cater. He will check with Jay’s BBQ for a price. He will pick up and we will serve buffet style. He will get a “Class of 69” sheet cake and some ice cream for dessert. We will pick up some finger foods for before and after the main meal. Sodas, coffee and tea will be provided. Anything else you want to drink, bring it with you.
• Ron will take pick up paper plates, eating utensils, cups and plastic table coverings. The clubhouse has sufficient chairs, folding tables and serving utensils.
• Linda Whitner has agreed to put together a class CD of pictures which she will get from yearbooks and pictures we can get from classmates. We need pictures to scan in from the class trip, current pictures classmates (that’s you guys, so send us one), family pictures, pictures from prior reunions, etc. We can scan them in for you or you can send us digital files. We need these BEFORE the reunion to have the CD prepared. Bring them in to a future reunion meeting or contact one of us and we can make arrangements to create a scan of them.
• Jackie showed us some samples of class logos to put on a tee-shirt for a reunion keepsake. She has created tee-shirts for her family reunions. We can create the shirts in our class colors “Blue and Silver” (we think). Let us know what you think.
• Linda Whitner said she can take some candid digital pictures at the reunion for us and we hope we can get others to bring a camera and take some pictures also. Ron will provide a computer at the reunion where we can download the pictures taken during the day, displaying them and later upload them to the class website.
• WE NEED HELP FROM EVERYONE getting people contacted and signed up on the class website. John Clubb has agreed to lead a search for missing classmates but we need help from everyone. If people don’t have access to a computer or an email account, you can send me (Ron) the information and I can put their nformation into their profile. We will then correspond with them through the regular mail or by phone. Linda Whitner has agreed to search all four years of yearbooks which she has access to at Woodland for names we haven’t listed yet on our website and scan in school pictures for their profile. If anyone has leads let us know, PLEASE. Even if they can’t attend the reunion, we would like to let folks know what happened to them.
• The next reunion meeting will be held the last Saturday in May and Henry/Linda Whitner has agreed to hold it at their house. We will send out more information later with directions and time.
If anyone thinks of anything I missed, please let me know.
Thanks to all that attended the meeting and as they say in the Banner, fun was had by all.

04/02/09 05:40 PM #10    

Ronald Dean (Ronnie) Lutes

Thanks for the offer of a donation to our silent auction. I'm not familiar with the “Jean Carters wooden replicas of Historic Buildings in Marble Hill” but they sound interesting and I’ll look for them in your showcase. If you have some pictures and want to sell some additional ones, send me pictures and/or your list and I’ll see if I can add them someplace on our website.

Email or mail the addresses you have on classmates and I’ll get them contacted and added to our website. I could also meet you someplace if you prefer and pick them up. I’m living in the Marble Hill area now.

Are you getting the emails I have sent out to the class on reunion meetings or is there an error in your email address on your profile? I got a bounce back on you a couple of times when sending out an email to the class.


04/03/09 08:33 AM #11    

Diana Kaye Eaker (Norwood)

I will donate 5 prints from Jeanie Eddleman you can go to the web site and it links to Jeanie's web page I will send her a check so you can pick up anytime or I will get when in town.
You guys are doing a great job with the web page and the reunion. Glad to see so many people working to help. Let me know what I can do.

Diana Norwood

05/25/09 08:36 PM #12    

Linda Faye McManus (Swift)

i would like to help do anything to donate for the silent auction just let me know what would be of help im not home much i drive truck and will do what i can

05/26/09 09:28 PM #13    

Jacklene Linda Crader (Seiler)

Hey Ron, Did you get the address for Claude?

05/26/09 09:38 PM #14    

Jacklene Linda Crader (Seiler)

I've talked to Gloria Rhodes, Joyce Weakley, Martha Long, Sheila Parsons and Brenda Garland and informed them about the reunion. Also talked to Gloria Beard Hoxsworth and she is going to let Gilbert and Gladys know about it.
I sent notes out to Carl Barrett, Dennis Moore and
David Parsons, but haven't heard from them. Sent one to Dorothy Yount and it came back. I'm still trying on Judy Goza.
Maybe you can call Carl and talk to him.


05/30/09 08:02 PM #15    

Loyd Lee Ivey

Ron, Have you thought about a fireworks display and a bonfire/beachparty theme. Like the Beach Blanket Bingo movie. I could bring a large outdoor projection unit with large sound. Maybe have American Grafitti or some simular time period movie.

Also I have arranged for a spectacular event to happen overhead to honor Class of '69' ! There will be TWO MOONs That month. One will be red and one white to honor WHS 69.

You think baloney ? Just wait.... hasn't happened in 5000 years and may not happen again in 60,000 years....don't miss it...Loyd

ps...I willl post more details as I get them.....LLI

07/08/09 01:29 PM #16    

Paula Joyce James (McCoy)

Loyd you keep coming up with those ideas. They just keep getting better and better. To all of you guys this seems like it is going to be a very good reunion and I can't wait for it to happen

07/16/09 11:33 AM #17    

Diana Kaye Eaker (Norwood)

Last week I sent a letter to all missing classmates I still can not find Randy Maness, Dorothy Yount, Judy Goza. If anyone knows where any of the missing are please let me know.

Diana Eaker Norwood

07/20/09 12:20 PM #18    

Jacklene Linda Crader (Seiler)

These are pictures of our reunion t-shirts. If you could send me what size you need, I will make sure I have it at the reunion. The shirts cost $12.
Hope to see everyone at the reunion.


08/02/09 04:41 PM #19    

Brenda Kaye Scott (Brown)

I really like the tee-shirts and all of the ideas sound really interesting. We're in Oregon now but will be back home this month. Thanks to everyone for all of your hard work. Love, Brenda

08/08/09 09:10 PM #20    

Jacklene Linda Crader (Seiler)

Hi everyone!!! Getting excited about our class reunion?
Me too.
If you would like a t-shirt, I need to know what size you need, so I can order them ahead of time. Wayne is the only one to order two so far.
See you soon.


08/17/09 12:05 PM #21    

Paula Joyce James (McCoy)

Hi guys Jackie I need 2 shirts one large and one xl.
Ronnie I am sending a handmade afghan for auction.
see you there

08/24/09 09:08 PM #22    

Robert Gene (Rob) Ward

(This is Janeann) ROB would definitely like a tshirt and he needs an XXL--hope you can get that size! Thanks!

09/11/09 12:33 AM #23    

Oneta Fay James (Wolfe)

Hello to all. I was so looking forward to seeing everyone Sept. 26th but now I will not be able to attend. We will be leaving Saturday, Sept. 12th for Maine and will not be returning until mid-October. I'm very disappointed that we can't come to the reunion.

I know the reunion will be much fun and I'll be thinking of each of you on the 26th and wishing I could be there to join in.

10/24/09 08:17 PM #24    

Barbara McGee (Trankle)

Hey there guys and gals;

I recieved a caall from Kenna Lutes and Our class of 1969 is being honored at the Woodland Alumni Banquet on November 27,2009
We need for as many classmates to attend as possible that would make me even prouder of our class than I already am.

For Reservation Tickets the cost is $12.00. If reservasions are not made tickets at the door will be $15.00 But reservations are best.That gives the meal planners a better head count.
I would like to know if you can attend(PLEASE).You can email,call or send it to our website if you will be there.Thank you all so much for being such a GREAT CLASS with CLASS BArb

10/24/09 08:19 PM #25    

Barbara McGee (Trankle)

I forgot
Send Reservation money to
Barb Boyer
HC64 Box 860

Reservations need to be in No Later than NOV.12 Thanks Again

11/01/09 12:21 AM #26    

Jacklene Linda Crader (Seiler)

Hi Everybody,

Is anyone going to the Alumni Banquet?
If I can get off work that night, I would like to.
You know we could make it a really fun time.
Hope lots of our gang can make it.

Have a GREAT day.


06/26/10 05:54 PM #27    

Oneta Fay James (Wolfe)

To all my 1969 classmates: 

My warm and sincere thanks to each of you for the beautiful plant sent to the Funeral Chapel this week when my Mother passed away.  Being remembered by such wonderful friends warmed my heart and lifted my spirits.  A special THANKS to Jackie for attending visitation and bringing pictures taken at the reunion.  I so enjoyed them! 

My love and thanks to each of you.   Oneta

07/04/12 08:39 PM #28    

Barbara McGee (Trankle)

Class Re -Union 2012

We are tossing around the idea of our next class reunion. plans are for October 27 at Ron Lute"s cabin. Discussion of a Costume Halloween party are in the works.We need to have a meeting with classmates who can attend. Discussions of Deceased classmates Memory Plaque have been talked about.Also we have thought about a fine for those who do not dress in costume of $5.00 to go into class fund, also an Auction has been discussed. If you have items to donate please contact me with item. We need all the cooperation we can get to help get in touch with everyone. Thank you for your time...Please let me hear from you   Barb

04/11/14 09:16 AM #29    

Jacklene Linda Crader (Seiler)

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of composing a letter to Paul Beatty's wife.  As a class some of us thought it would be nice to send a gift of $200 to help with medical bills.  There was no funeral to send flowers.  Ron Lutes is also looking into having Paul's name put on the Marble Hill Veterans Wall.  Now if any of you have a favorite memory or story, I would like to included that to his wife.  Please get this going soon.  Thanks guys.



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