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10/22/08 11:11 PM #5    

Teresa Puffer (Puffer)

I would love to see everyone again. I hope this will help to get people in touch with eachother. I only live a hour away from McComb. Hope to see ya soon. Love you guys!!!!!!!!

10/29/08 12:28 PM #6    

Loria McCown (Zeeck)

I was very excited to find out about this website. Thanks Teresa! I would love to see everyone again!

11/01/08 08:33 PM #7    

Joannie Green (Bovill)

Stephen Wall for President!... of the Reunion committee!!

11/03/08 06:12 PM #8    

Andra Allen (Standberry)

Thanks for the invite Joni! I agree. Step Wall would be an incredible Class Reunion President. Glad to be connected to you guys! Andra/[Netta]

11/25/08 09:05 PM #9    

Barbara Daniels (Funderburk/Adoptive)

This is great! I was looking at the Senior Pictures. Great to see all of your pix. Wish I could have been there too! There are alot of people missing. Would someone help me out with what happened with these people? Moved? Transferred to another school? Dropped out?

Wally Bumpas, Terri Burt, Steve Clark, Gene Gartman, Mike Freeman, Paul Howard, Randy Kennon, Cheryl McCann, Kevin Mercier, Kelly Ott, ER Reid, Tara Robertson, Paul Smith, Deanna Temple, Mike Upton and Ralph Williams.

12/11/08 07:20 PM #10    

Renee' Richmond (Stein)

I love this website!!! I hope most everyone will be able to make this would be great to see everyone again! Take care and God bless you all!

Step Wall ROCKS....Thanks!

12/29/08 10:38 PM #11    

Teresa Puffer (Puffer)

Happy New Year Everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this site. It helps us keep up with our friends.

01/01/09 10:19 PM #12    

Teresa Puffer (Puffer)

It was so great to see my friends at the Golden Corral. Can't wait to do it again.

01/03/09 11:41 PM #13    

Brenda Slater (Helbig)

We had a great time 12/31/08 see everyone who was able to come out for lunch. We will have to do it again. Have a great year.

02/10/09 07:52 AM #14    

Gary Sanders

For all of you who haven't done it yet, you may want to condiser setting up a Facebook account, yet another way to have fun and hook up with old friends and acuaintances from days gone by! Just a "for example", Brenda Slater Helbig was watching the Grammys and saw Joannie Green Boville in an insurance commercial! Anyway, food for thought!

02/10/09 08:08 AM #15    

Gary Sanders

Above is the link to the commercial with Joannie in it!

03/23/09 09:42 AM #16    

Herman Abram

Hello to all of you, I've been around the world twice.Currently living in Texas.I come to McComb very often now. Hopefully I'll make the next renunion

04/25/09 05:38 PM #17    

John Marsalis

When is the next reunion?

09/07/09 01:55 PM #18    

Brenda Slater (Helbig)

30th class reunion will be 7/9-11/2010

12/16/09 11:38 PM #19    

Barbara Brumfield (Turner)

It's so good to read everyone's comments. I'm excited about the reunion. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Barbara Brumfield Turner

12/23/09 03:59 PM #20    

Rickey Knox

HAPPY,HAPPY HOLIDAYS to each and every classmate near and far!I hope this greeting finds everyone in good spirits and most importantly in great health!I am greatly anticipating our upcoming class reunion.Whether we realize it or not, the threads that bound us throughout our high school experiences,wove a tapestry that will connect us all forever.Let us 'all' embrace this fact and go forward with a true sense of caring and compassion for everyone that embodies this very special group.As we embark upon a new year, I wish all of you and your beautiful families LOVE! GOD bless

01/01/10 02:44 AM #21    

Rickey Knox

HAPPY NEW YEAR 'EVERYONE' as you transition into a new year in your respective time zones!!! First and foremost, what a wonderful blessing it is to simply be able to witness the dawning of a new decade of 'possibilities'! Secondly, to still be here--TO STILL BE HERE--30 YEARS beyond graduation is simply amazing!! Today, let us hold dear in our thoughts, the fond memories of our classmates that have gone on before us. We should all realize -more than ever- through our life experiences thus far, just how precious and fragile life can be. Therefore, that should be a strong reminder that we need to CONTINUALLY be supportive of one another ,going forward, more than ever before. GOD bless!!! KNOX

01/13/10 08:39 PM #22    

Betty Spurlock (Johnson)

I would like to thank you guys for the birthday wishes. It has been awhile since I been on the sight. I am looking forward to this class reunion. So for now may God bless you and your family and be safe. Luv yall.

09/09/10 11:49 PM #23    


Karen Alford (Randall)

    A heartfelt thanks to my class of 1980 for the card and beautiful flowers sent to my dads services. Also thanks to those who were able to come by and give me a hug. It all meant a lot to me.

Thanks again,

Karen Alford Lindsey

08/16/11 12:19 PM #24    

Steve Clark

Even though I did not graduate with my class/friends from MHS I would love to crash the party Friday.

Steve Clark


02/23/14 08:11 PM #25    

Gary Sanders

Sometimes we forget to go on our high school page ,as most of us are on facebook...Please in the future if their is a gathering for our class or anything pertaining it on facebook or if you are not on facebook ask classmates to share it,that way we will not feel left out by not knowing..thanks alot!

07/22/15 10:24 AM #26    

Lucy Jenkins (Sanguinetti)

It has been a long time since I have been on the site.  I hope everyone is doing well and thriving!  It would be great to all get together again for a reunion.  Even if it is just for one afternoon and night, so that we could catch up and visit.  I am so thankful for staying in contact with so many, and I love the opportunities that facebook offers to us to stay connected.  For those of you who manage this site and keep the information emails coming, THANK YOU!  It is a huge job and a kind gesture.  I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

07/22/15 05:31 PM #27    


Sherri Felder (Reeves)

Classmates, if you have more photos to share during our high school days, please share.  I see a lot of band pics.  Everyone wasn't in the band.  I will search mine as well.



03/11/17 02:07 PM #28    


Sherri Felder (Reeves)

Has anyone heard from or know where Yvonne Putman is?  


03/12/17 12:09 PM #29    

Andra Allen (Standberry)

Hi Sherri,

Last I heard where Yvonne Putman was, she lived in Baltimore, MD, and that was many years ago. Contact Terri Winston. She may know where Yvonne is.

The best to you on your search. I often think of Yvonne (Putt-Putt) myself. She was a great help to me in school, and I'll never forget it. 


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