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07/30/10 03:12 AM #1    

Greg Franck

 Hi Everyone! I guess I'll break the ice. I cannot believe that it has been 30 years.  At that time my dad worked for a computer company, but he bought a small farm on Rural Route 2 (Lisburn Road.) just South of Mechanicsburg so we could enjoy the rural life.  I remember getting on the bus for the long ride into school, passing a pig farm and picking up other kids along the way. 

    I am glad to see that most are doing well. The most interesting thing to me is seeing everyones photos. I believe in each of our minds, our classmates are frozen as we remembered them in 1980. Going onto Facebook or this site fast forwards you 30 years to the present. We've all changed, but it's still good to recognize everyones faces which brings back little memories........the people that sat next to me in homeroom, the people I had lunch with, and the people I knew outside of school as well.  There were the athletes, The cheerleaders, the different school clubs, the guys in the F.F.A. The band...... we dated, cruised the circuit in Harrisburg, worked in some of the same places after school. I remember the class rings, the letter jackets....A lot has changed in 30 years. We've moved on, got jobs, started families and some sadly, have passed on. But to the people that read this, we all shared a time and place and experience in the Cumberland Valley High School in the year 1980. It was then that all of our timelines intersected before we again were sent off on different paths. We are all a part of each others collective memories...... and as for me, I treasure that. If it was at all possible....for just one day... I would like to step off that bus back in 1980 and see everyone just one more time.... It was one of the happiest times of my life. I wish you all the very best and as much health and happiness that life can offer.


08/22/10 02:06 AM #2    

Peg Wentz (Graber)

Renae Ruth and Peg Wentz were just searching for the yearbook and finally found it in the deep corners of Peg's musky garage in Kansas.

We had quite a few laughs going through the pictures and then comparing on facebook. No, we haven't changed a bit!!!!

Well we are on the diet for the reunion!! But the good news is..... only ten lbs to go. AND no facelift or boob job in the near future.





10/03/10 08:48 AM #3    

Michael Cekovic


Do you remember "ARRR BAY"? It's emblazened in my mind.  8th Grade English was a blast.

10/04/10 02:45 PM #4    

Laurie Frownfelter (Karns)

Class of 1980,

The well planned reunion has come and gone.  To those that attended thank you and to those who couldn't, we really wish you could have.  A great evening to see old friends, make new friends, catch up, share smiles and laughs.  Many traveled distances to attend in hopes of seeing certain classmates.  One of the funniest things was seeing the 1980 yearbooks out while glancing through the crowd trying to figure out who was who!  Fifteen years was way too long between gatherings.  It was a great evening, many thanks to all who contributed their time and efforts in providing a beautiful evening for us.  I am hopeful that the next reunion will bring out some more of our classmates.

Laurie Frownfelter (Karns)

10/04/10 03:39 PM #5    

Robyn Zeigler (Strickler)

One thing that I have learned by not being able to attend the reunion is how fast time flies by.  Looking at photos posted on Facebook of the reunion stunned me and made me wish that I could have been there instead of where I was to be.  We get too busy with life and kids and commitments that we find ourselves pushing 50 and looking back in retrospect, where did the time go?  The class website is phenomenal and thank you to all who have played some part in either the website and/or the reunion; reaching out to a class this large is no easy feat.  I'm looking forward to the 35th and any time in between that someone wants to get together!

07/30/11 12:12 AM #6    

Cindy Webster (Delp)

I wanted to take the time to say thank you for a great 30th reunion.   My goal for the next reunion is for it to be even bigger!   I have been working on trying to pull off the first all class reunion.  In time.  I have been sending out get well cards, and thinking of you cards to lift up our classmates that have come across some challenges in life.   I make sure they always say CLASS OF 80.  My motto has been since the reunion  WALKING THROUGH LIFE WITH FRIENDS, and that is what we have been doing.  I send out aleast every month get togethers of where we are going.  Thank you to all that have sent me beautiful touching emails about the reunion.   I will continue to keep giving 100 percent to my classmates/friends.   I also will have pics to be posted from the reunion.    if there is anyone who would love to give ideas or join the commitee please send me a email  I would love it! 

I send to all my classmates/friends good health and blessings..   I truly feel very blessed to be a part of class of 80.

keep safe and may you all have a bless life.  KEEP THE FAITH


live laugh n love





07/26/12 11:32 PM #7    

Cindy Webster (Delp)

We as the committee would like to thank everyone for all the feedback of this past 30th reunion, We are looking forward to a bigger one for the 35th.  We are all hitting 50 and i must say everyone looks so good.   We have a great  group of people who all keep in touch with the class of 80 wall to chatting on facebook.  


we wish everyone good health .   see you on the next reunion




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