'70's Kid in Midland

You Might Be a Midland Kid if you Remember: - Wadley St. was a dirt road. - Midland Drive was on the edge of town. - You rode on the kiddie train at the Midland Zoo. - You nearly froze to death at 2pm at the Alamo Pool. - Four words: The Chief Drive-In - The airport really did have a permanent wave. - You were a fan of the Midland Cubs. - Your only Top-40 radio station was KCRS. - You caught baby frogs after a thunderstorm at Grafa Park (or any park). - The Hodge Theatre had one screen, and was THE movie theater. - Your first job was pumping gasoline at the full serve. - All concerts were at Ector County Coliseum. - You looked for your lost bike behind the Midland Sign. - All the football games were at Memorial Stadium. So was graduation! -- You spent half your life on the Andrews Highway, but you never went to Andrews. - The Dixie flag doesn't remind you of the Civil War. - Your dad bought camping supplies at Nix Trading Post & Army Surplus. - You rode the escalator at Walgreens. - You learned to bowl at Cactus Lanes on Hwy. 80. - You rode the bus to school across town, instead of the one across the street. - The Freshman schools were named 'Austin' and 'Edison', not Lee and Midland. - The airport had a ground level parking lot, a chain link fence with "gates", no metal detectors, and you could stand outside and get blown back by the jet airplane exhaust as it left the gate. - Dodson's Party Shop was WAY OUT north of town (now it's Target!) - riding your bike at Dennis the Menace park. - the Wilco building stood alone, until the First National Bank of Midland built the 2nd tallest. - Homecoming parades went through downtown (for both schools!) - homecoming floats were built for weeks at the fire station. - you knew someone who worked in the Wilco building. - You played miniature golf at Green Acres. - You got a Coke at Tulls. (any of them) - you collected "Hungries" glasses from Taco Villa. - Piggly Wiggly was on the corner of Wadley and Midkiff. - Safeway was on the corner of Midkiff and Andrews. - You threw papers for the Midland Reporter Telegram. - 7-11 was only open from 7 to 11 - Dances at The Scharbauer Hotel. - Graham's Rexall Drugstore Fountain milkshakes and cheeseburgers - Burger Chef, Taco Tico and Kingburger #1 and #2 AND, of course - Love's Burger Train, Dellwood Mall, the 'Marlboro Spread', Foster's FatKats, Pizza Inn, the Youth Center, The "Pepto Bismol' House (yes, it's still there); French vanilla cherry lime cokes at Love's, "The Carousel", "Robinsons's",'Grigsbys Rag Doll" and 'Barnes Pelletier" for clothes or shoes; and the only ''discount"'store in town was Gibson's which just happened to be the best people-watching place in town!