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05/13/09 08:27 AM #1    

Jenifer Jenkins (Kroll)

Just curious, I'm going to be in town that weekend and do you plan on going to the mixer or the dinner?

07/14/09 11:41 PM #2    

Kim Andrews (Orr)

Hey if I can come to this the way I look anyone can. We all change over the years, have kids, get lazy and well you know enjoy life as it comes. I just want to see old friends and remember the good old days and the BIG!!! Eighty hair. HHAHA don't think that has changed much here in Utah...See yall all real soon.

07/15/09 06:03 PM #3    

Christa Parker

Oh, Kim! How I have missed you. I am so excited to see you, I can't wait. YAY!!! I hope Byron O. and Terry S. show. Terry, remember when we didn't toilet paper "your" house? Ya, that was funny.

07/16/09 08:06 AM #4    

Kim Andrews (Orr)

I think I am going to download my dance pics. This should be funny. I remember waking up to that mess you guys made!!! hahah lets make new memories.
see ya soon

07/22/09 11:07 PM #5    

Kim Andrews (Orr)

Hey you guys, I just posted some Dance Pics but I need your help in naming everyone. I Cant seem to remember those in my pics. The ones I did remember I wrote the name on the back of the pics" in one of my thinking moments" And let me tell you I thought I knew how to do my hair and lets just say' WOW!!!! this should make everyone laugh. It did me

07/23/09 09:54 PM #6    


Matt Bollwinkel

Nice Kim! I looked amazing back then. Not as good as I look now. Love my handles and smooth head!

07/24/09 08:48 AM #7    

Nora Morris

Wow! It's so cool to read all of your messages! All I can say is "diddo" to most of that! :) I was nervous about going to the reunion, but after reading your messages I'm excited--thanks for that. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!

07/24/09 08:49 AM #8    

Nora Morris

Oh, and by the way, not that it really matters, but my last name is Morris again, not Larsen.

07/24/09 11:40 AM #9    

Jan Timaker

hi steve

07/24/09 01:26 PM #10    

Steve Finch

Hey Jan! Hope you are well accross the pond.

07/24/09 03:38 PM #11    

Kim Andrews (Orr)

yep those pics are fun to look at that is for sure. But we have all earned what we look like now!!! and we are not in highschool anymore and times change!!! I was looking at the clothes in the mall the other day and the styles are just now hitting the eighty's. Just wait big hair will be back and maybe hammer pants!!! hey dont laugh i had some!!!!

08/04/09 01:47 PM #12    

Nora Morris

Hey everyone! Wow, it's actually here already. I'm curious, has anyone decided to spend the night at the hotel that night? I'm excited to see everyone! I'm only going to the Sat. night one because of previous plans for Friday, so for those of you who are only going on Friday, I'm bummed that I won't get to see you. Send me an email or find me on face-book! I'm listed as Nora Morris. I'd love to hear from any of you!!

08/05/09 06:25 AM #13    

Sherilyn Hunter (Muro)

On Friday night are we suppose to dress like we are back in the 80's. Trying to figure out what to pack.

08/05/09 09:24 AM #14    

Julie Elmont (Barr)

Can't wait to see all of you at the reunion in a couple more days. Thanks Ali and all for bringing us together through this website and letting us get reacquainted over the last year or so. It's been fun and will be even better to see many of you in person. Go Huskies!!!!

08/05/09 10:21 PM #15    

Kevin Morf

Shake your wheelchairs. I'm shaking mine! See you definitely Saturday night. Maybe Friday night if my mail in diapers arrive in time.

08/07/09 05:45 AM #16    

Tom McEntire

You know, reading these messages, I dont think some of you have grown up at all!

It'll be great to see you all.

08/10/09 10:08 AM #17    

Brett Godfrey

Congrats to everyone that worked so hard on the reunion.
I had such a great time and seeing everyone.

08/10/09 01:10 PM #18    

Amy Flinders (Bengtzen)

Thanks for the great weekend reunion committee! We had a wonderful time. It was good to see so many friends!

08/10/09 02:00 PM #19    


Matt Bollwinkel

Oh don't be fooled we had a fun time planning it. Glad to hear you had fun. - Matt

08/10/09 02:04 PM #20    

Sherilyn Hunter (Muro)

Planning Committee. Thanks for all the hard work. I had a great time.

It was fun seeing everyone. I think there were some people I didn't get a chance to talk to, sad. Hopefully we can keep this site up for awhile and continue to all keep in touch.

08/10/09 02:23 PM #21    

Jill Seeley (Saldivar)

Thank you to the entire reunion committee what a great event! You really did a wonderful job it was so great to reconnect with everyone.
Please keep the website updated this is a great place to stay in contact. Thanks again!

08/10/09 04:15 PM #22    

John Cordova

Great job on the reunion. Great turnout. It was really fun catching up with everyone. I think we should not wait 20 more years to have a Husky golf outing.

08/11/09 05:10 PM #23    

Leslie Pearce (Sagers)

Thanks to everyone that had a part in planning the reunion. I had a great time catching up with classmates after all these years. One question - the pictures that were used for the slideshow, will they be downloaded to this website or to facebook for all to see????

"There exist limitless opportunities in every industry.
Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier." Charles Kettering

08/13/09 01:36 AM #24    

Steven Fehr

It was really great to see some of you at the reunion. I was only sorry I couldn't attend the entirety of both nights. Mine is not the kind of job one can call in sick. Thanks to all those who planned and coordinated it. You should be proud of your work.

08/17/09 08:27 PM #25    

Ken Jackson

Sigh, Sorry I missed it. I only just found out about this site and didn't hear about the reunion until it was over. Oh well, maybe in 5 years...

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