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Thank you for visiting West Division High School's Class of 1958. The purpose of this site is to maintain a friendly and secure meeting place where classmates can stay in touch by messaging friends and updating their personal Classmate Profile. 

Luncheons, get-togethers, and other detailed announcements will always be found on the Home Page under an Announcements Section when applicable.

Getting Started:

If you have NOT yet joined as a member:
  • Select your name from the Classmate Profile Page (Tip: Use Search to find your name. This is faster than scrolling through the complete list.) 
  • After selecting and clicking on your name, select JOIN HERE! on the page that follows.
  • There is no charge to join and membership is needed to view Classmate Profiles and messages.

If you already became a member:

If you've already become a member and forgot your password:

If your name is not found in the 1958 Classmate Profiles List or if you are having trouble finding your name:
  • Contact us with your graduating year, full name/maiden name, and email address.
  • If you were not in the 1958 Graduating Classes but have connections to West Division High School (i.e., Teacher, friend, previous student) you are still welcome to become a member and join our site.
  • To join as a Guest please follow the directions below.
To join as a Guest:
  • Contact us with your graduating year, full name/maiden name, email address, and your relationship to the 1958 class or high school and we will add you as our Guest on the Classmate Profile page.
  • Once we add you as our Guest, you will have the same permissions as the rest of the classmates to view Classmate Profiles.
  • When you receive your Guest account, Sign In from the upper top corner of the Home Page and follow the prompts.

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